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Two short films sponsored by Born Free Foundation and Born Free USA

Published 06/25/08

Friday June 18 saw the launch of two important short films, sponsored by Born Free Foundation and Born Free USA, featuring the devastating impact of deforestation on the people and wildlife of Indonesia.

Produced by Films4Conservation, “Orang Rimba - Happiness Lies in the Forest” and “Sembuluh Voices - Stories from the Palm Oil Lake” present a fascinating dialogue between marginalized rural or forest-dwelling communities and the company directors who have overseen the rampant expansion of monoculture plantations such as oil palms into their ancestral land.

Both films can be viewed at www.films4.org/forests, with subtitles available in English, French, Italian and Spanish. The site also includes unedited oral testimonies from interviewees, background information about the project and the issues it involves, plus many other useful resources, maps and photos.

Orang Rimba - Happiness Lies in the Forest HD
Uploaded by Films4

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