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Stars Come Out to Help Tigers, Born Free

Published 11/13/12

Born Free USA and Peace 4 Animals joined Saturday night (Nov. 10) in Hollywood to raise more than $10,000 for tiger conservation in India through the Satpuda Tiger Landscape Programme, one of our global field projects. About 150 people attended the event, hosted by Alison Eastwood. Check out pictures of Eastwood (shown here, on the right, with Katie Cleary) and other celebrities who were there, and also enjoy video interviews of some of the attendees. And if you would like to help tiger conservation efforts through the Satpuda project, please consider making a donation.

Nearly 50 Years Later, 'Born Free' Re-Recorded

Published 11/05/12

The Oscar-winning song "Born Free" has been re-recorded by legendary Queen guitarist Brian May and West End and Broadway singer Kerry Ellis. (Watch a video of the song now!) Their interpretation of the classic song is being sold in aid the Born Free Foundation and also supports Born Free USA's submission of a formal petition to the U.S. Department of the Interior to list the African lion as an endangered species under the Endangered Species Act. Find out more about that ongoing effort on our lions page.

He's an Adoptable One, Our Grinch!

Published 11/01/12

Our Grinch never stole Christmas! And you can help him have a merrier one by "adopting" (for $52 a year, the equivalent of $1 a week!) the male bonnet macaque. He's one of five monkeys up for adoption at the Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary in Texas. By participating in the adoption program, you will receive a photograph of your monkey along with some other goodies.

Grinch came to us from a university laboratory in the summer of 2006 after being "retired." Born in 1997, Grinch is in the prime of his life. Read more about him today!

Owls and Friends Is Born Free's Buddy!

Published 10/09/12

Searching for the perfect holiday gift for a fellow bird lover? Or how about something for the cat or dog lover in your life? For that matter, how about something for you? Owls and Friends offers our supporters a wonderful selection of animal-themed products, from jewelry and apparel to whimsical household items, publications and more. And here's some really exciting news: For the entire month of October, Owls and Friends is donating 20 percent of all company sales to Born Free USA. As always, there's free shipping on orders above $25. Check out Owls and Friends' website today, and make sure you place your order before Nov. 1.

One Year Since Zanesville

Published 10/08/12

It is hard to believe that it has been one year since the tragedy near Zanesville, Ohio when Terry Thompson released more than fifty animals from his private zoo and then took his own life. Lions, bears, primates roamed the streets aimlessly, literally lost, before being shot by authorities, ill-equipped to handle such an insane situation. Since then, Ohio has strengthened its legislation but other states lag woefully behind. Still other exotic animal exhibitors perform with tigers or let patrons swim with them. Born Free USA is working tirelessly to ensure that we Keep Wildlife in the Wild!

Sanctuary's Profiled on Syndicated TV Show!

Published 10/05/12

Who says there's nothing good on television? Not us — especially now that we've heard the Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary will be featured on the nationally syndicated program "Wild About Animals," hosted by Mariette Hartley. Because the show airs across the country at various times in each market, you'll have to check the listings to see when it airs in your area. (It's scheduled to air Saturday morning — Oct. 5 — on local TV stations in San Antonio and New York City, for example. Repeats of the episode are likely in the coming months.) "Wild About Animals," according to its press release, "travels the globe to bring viewers fascinating stories about wildlife and is known to offer the best in family-friendly, entertaining and educational programming. While the target audience is teenagers, the show provides quality viewing for all family members."

Texas Rangers, Legendary Pitcher Boost Born Free

Published 10/04/12

About four years ago, baseball pitching legend and Texas Rangers co-owner Nolan Ryan spoke with reporters about having once been an "ambassador" for the snow monkeys who were living in what is now the Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary. While everything at the sanctuary has changed for the better since Ryan's visit, his dry recitation of what happened back in the 1990s became a viral hit online, attracting so much attention that the Rangers' July 1 home game this season was declared "Nolan Ryan Snow Monkey Day" at the ballpark. Last week, as the regular season wound down, Born Free USA's executive vice president, Adam Roberts, flew out to the Rangers' ballpark to accept a $5,000 donation from Ryan himself — a most-welcome gift to our Primate Sanctuary, which has just completed its largest rescue ever. Thank you, Texas Rangers, and go get 'em in the playoffs!

All 108 WAO Primates Are Now Home!

Published 09/27/12

We are thrilled to report that all 107 macaques and one baboon rescued from the Wild Animal Orphanage have arrived safely at the Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary! This rescue, by far our largest ever, has been in the works for a long time. Following many months of negotiations and planning, early this year we began building enclosures and recreation structures for what we call The WAO Group. We began accepting the monkeys, transported in stages by air-conditioned truck from nearby San Antonio, in late July. The last delivery was yesterday.

Read more.

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