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Running Wild for Born Free USA

Published 09/20/13

A loyal animal lover, Margaret Green is running a half marathon on September 22 to raise awareness for wild animals and Born Free USA! Please support Margaret's fundraiser by making a donation today. All of the proceeds benefit Born Free USA. Visit Margaret's fundraising page today!

Cat Fancy profiles Born Free USA's Adam Roberts

Published 09/10/13

The popular publication tells the story of how a big-cat rescuer, Born Free USA's Executive Vice President, Adam Roberts, met and married a small-cat rescuer, Stephanie Shain. Their individual experiences with different types of cat rescue compliment and motivate each other to help cats of all sizes. Read the story »

New & Improved Primate Adoption Program

Published 09/06/13

The Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary cares for over 600 primates — and you can help by taking advantage of our new and improved adoption program! For $25, $52 or $100 a year, you can make a difference in primates' lives. Your donation helps us provide food, care and rehabilitation to these individuals and your adoption kit will provide you with materials about your adopted primate — including a color photo. Adopt a primate today »

Show Your Born Free USA Pride

Published 08/01/13

Show others that you support Born Free USA with our 100 percent organic cotton T-shirts. Your purchase goes toward our work on behalf of animals and by wearing this shirt, you are bound to engage others in a conversation to Keep Wildlife in the Wild — and look good doing it! Only $19.95, including shipping and handling. Purchase one now »

New Report: Economics of Trophy Hunting in Africa Are Overrated and Overstated

Published 06/26/13

Born Free USA is proud to help reveal new evidence showing that trophy hunting -- especially of species such as lions -- is not economically beneficial. This should suppress any argument that hunting equals conservation. Read the latest economic study and see our short infographic.

Wildlife Freedom Auction

Published 06/25/13

Born Free USA's online auction runs June 25 – June 29. We have some great items this year! Artist Camilla d’Errico has donated two of her beautiful signed prints. Check out the deluxe doggie gift basket from Natural Balance pet foods. And discover so much more. Bid on some exciting gifts and help animals too by visiting www.biddingforgood.com/bornfreeusa.

Wildlife Hero - Interview by Adrian Cale with Will Travers

Published 06/06/13

Adrian Cale explores the life and work of our CEO, Will Travers OBE and Born Free, in this 23-minute pilot for a prospective TV series called Wildlife Heroes. Described as "Fascinating and insightful".

On 'Inside Edition,' Born Free Attacks Lion Meat

Published 05/16/13

Born Free USA's Adam Roberts appeared on "Inside Edition" on May 17 to explain why restaurants should not be serving lion meat. Watch a video of the segment. Lion meat is appearing with increasing frequency on menus across the land. Just this month, lion tacos debuted at Taco Fusion in Tampa, FL. As Born Free USA showed in a 2011 undercover investigation, the lion meat industry is shady and under-regulated, and places both people and animals at risk. Consumers, restaurant owners and policy-makers are all equally responsible for putting a stop to this risky business by refusing to buy or sell lion meat and by pushing for and passing stronger regulations and prohibitions on the possession, slaughter and sale of lions in the United States.

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