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Born Free USA is now on Facebook!

Published 01/14/08

If you're on Facebook, add us! If you're not, here's your excuse to get online and join in. It’s a great way to connect with like-minded people who care about the things you care about, like making sure wild animals stay where they belong ... in the wild.


Statement on Tiger Mauling at San Francisco Zoo

Published 12/27/07

News of the fatal mauling by a tiger at the San Francisco Zoo has made headlines around the world, igniting a much-needed debate about the future of wild animals in captivity.

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Make Your Community Coyote-Friendly

Published 09/26/07

The Animal Protection Institute (API) recently helped the City of San Francisco’s Animal Care and Control with a public education campaign to teach residents how to co-exist with coyotes. Through its progressive and compassionate actions, San Francisco has set a great example for communities around the country.

API can help you make your city coyote-friendly too, and urges you to find out more about the resources available to you to take proactive steps for coyotes in your area.

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Get Interactive for Animals

Published 09/11/07

MySpace users can help us spread the word about important animal issues by adding ban bullhooks, cow hugger, and National Bird Day to their Friends list.

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API Terminates Amazon.com Link

Published 06/15/07

In light of Amazon.com’s refusal to end the distribution of materials promoting gruesome, and illegal, animal fighting, API has chosen to terminate our relationship with the online company and have since removed the pages from our site. As an animal advocacy organization, we can no longer ethically continue such a partnership.


Newly Updated: API’s “What’s Really in Pet Food” report

Published 04/05/07

The recent recall of Menu pet foods has highlighted many issues with the commercial pet food industry and has left many people confused and frustrated as to what they can do to ensure their animals are eating a healthy diet. API has received hundreds of inquiries from people wanting to know more about what is in commercial pet food and what alternatives to it exist. In response, we have updated our “What’s Really in Pet Food” report with the assistance of Dr. Jean Hofve, a veterinarian specializing in the dietary needs of companion animals.

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API Receives 4-Star Rating from Charity Navigator

Published 11/03/06

API is proud to share with our supporters the latest ratings announced by Charity Navigator. API has received the highest rating — four stars — indicating we "exceed industry standards and outperform most charities in our Cause."

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Support API through fashion, accessories, and art!

Published 09/07/06

At API, we’re always looking for nifty ways our supporters can express their affinity with API's goal of fighting abuse and exploitation of animals. We are pleased to announce our latest endeavor, the “Grand Opening” of our Café Press store. Here animal lovers can find one-of-a-kind clothing items and accessories that not only look stylish but support API through a donated percentage of all sales.

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