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Sponsor an Animal!

Published 05/01/12

Born Free USA has launched an animal sponsorship program! Representing our core campaigns, the following animals can now be sponsored for you or a loved one: Parrot ($15 per year), representing National Bird Day; Fox ($25 per year), representing our trapping and fur free campaigns; Bear ($35 per year), representing our work against the gallbladder and bile trade; Tiger ($45 per year), representing our exotic "pets" campaign; Elephant ($75 per year), representing our animals in entertainment campaign; and Lion ($100 per year), representing our wildlife trade campaign. An animal gift sponsorship makes a great gift for a loved one — and for wildlife, too, because it helps with all our animal protection work!

We Take Aim at California's Anti-'Hounding' Bill

Published 04/24/12

Born Free USA was out in force on Tuesday, April 24, in support of California's anti-"hounding" measure, Senate Bill 1221 — legislation that would outlaw the insane practice of having dogs scare bears and bobcats up trees so that the terrified wildlife can be shot at point-blank range by humans. Hundreds of hunters showed up in opposition at the bill's hearing, in California's state Capitol, but so did scores of supporters, many of whom were there at the urging of Born Free USA. Stay tuned to learn how the Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Water voted and what happens next with SB 1221.

The Eye of Compassion Is Upon You

Published 04/11/12

The neighborhood just got a bit more wild. Local painter and mural artist Alex “Cabron” Forster has completed a mural entitled “El Tigre” on a 17-foot-by-85-foot exterior wall at the office of Born Free USA on the corner of S and 12th streets in downtown Sacramento. The original, dramatic image of a tiger’s face looking between the bars of a cage was created by Cabron exclusively for Born Free USA, a leader in animal welfare and wildlife conservation. Watch the artist and Born Free's creative director, Sharie Lesniak, interviewed on local Channel 31's "Good Day Sacramento" about the mural.

Wear Your Big Heart on Your Shirt!

Published 03/26/12

How would you like to speak out for animals killed for their fur without ever saying a word — and look and feel good doing so? Thanks to fffashion designer Yan Fong, you can by buying a shirt or bag adorned with one of her creative, non-graphic inkblot designs accompanied by the message, "Please don't wear any fur." Choose from among bear, bunny, raccoon and seal images in our CafePress store. You'll feel good because for every item purchased, Born Free USA receives $5. And you'll look good because this unique design was donated by a rising star in the fashion industry who cares passionately about wildlife.

'Menagerie' Sees Zoos from Animals' Perspective

Published 03/09/12

We are honored to have received permission to share with you "Menagerie," a powerful, non-graphic art film by Jonathan Hodgson. The nine-minute film's stark and haunting images take you on a journey through an all-too-common zoo. A place where wild animals are held captive in small cages so they can be on display for our entertainment. Get a glimpse into what it must be like for these magnificent animals day after day, after day, after day. All with the simple tool of a pencil and an artist's touch. Watch it now, and be sure to share the link with your friends and family.

Going Once, Going Twice — Our Auction Helps Animals!

Published 03/05/12

Born Free USA's online auction is under way! Bidding is open on more than 50 fantastic items. Check them out! We have gourmet treats for you or a doggie gift basket for your four-legged friend, a selection of animal-themed pottery and artwork, luxury cruelty-free cosmetics, and much more. A number of our items are one-of-a-kind, hand-made, artisan goods. You will find several very affordable items — hand-dyed women's and children's T-shirts, "Rio" and "Planet of the Apes" DVDs, handbags and jewelry — all with starting bids under $10. And best of all, every dollar raised helps Born Free USA in its multifaceted efforts to protect wildlife.

Elephants Need Your Help!

Published 02/28/12

Elephants have long been targeted for their ivory, but in the past half-century their numbers have been in especially steep decline. It's quickly reaching the point where the long-term survival of this magnificent species is in peril — especially in the wild. Recent events in Cameroon, where some 500 elephants have been poached in a national park so far this year, indicate there is much work to be done despite gains engineered by animal protection groups and a growing awareness of elephants' plight. The illegal trade in ivory must stop, and you can help. Visit our Elephants webpage for six actions you can take today.

Texan Wins Inaugural Free Bird Photo Contest!

Published 02/17/12

To celebrate National Bird Day and in collaboration with Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and the DVD/Blu-ray release of its comedy about birding, "The Big Year," last month we hatched a Free Bird Photo Contest! The four-week competition was open to all and attracted some 200 entries. The winning photo of a Carolina Wren was taken by Kanokwalee Pusitanun of Cedar Park, TX. Kanokwalee will receive a pair of powerful binoculars, a bird feeder or house from the Born Free USA online store and a copy of "The Big Year." Check out the Top 20 photos from this inaugural competition — and stay tuned for details about the second annual Keep Wildlife in the Wild Photo Contest we have planned for late spring!

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