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Wild Animal Traps Do Not Discriminate. Our Database Lists the Cats, Dogs, Others Who Suffer

Monica Engebretson in Print

More Critical Scrutiny Needed for U.S. Fur Farming Industry

Published 04/04/13
By Seattle Post-Intelligencer

In reaction to recent reports that the demand for fur in China is causing a revival of fur farms in the United States, Born Free USA wants the public to be aware of the animal welfare and environment consequences.

Link: SeattlePI.com

Lion Mauling Death: How Dangerous Are Private Zoos?

Published 03/08/13
By Gloria Goodale, Christian Science Monitor

The mauling death of a 24-year-old intern at a private zoo in central California Wednesday has renewed calls for better regulation of exotic animals in the United States. A five-year-old male African lion named CousCous — who had once appeared as a cub on the TV show “Ellen” — attacked and killed the volunteer, Dianna Hanson, who was alone in the cage with the big cat.

Link: CSMonitor.com

Cee Lo Takes Heat for Plans to Have Cockatoo on TV Show

Published 06/25/12
By TMZ.com

Cee Lo is taking some serious heat over plans to rock out with his cockatoo out on the upcoming season of "The Voice" ... over concerns that stress from the show could cause the bird to self-mutilate.

Link: TMZ.com

Fur-Trapping Season Ends With Record High of Non-Target Animal Deaths

Published 02/09/12
By Lori Zimmer, Ecouterre.com

One man’s pet is another’s collateral damage, according to Born Free U.S.A, which announced on Wednesday a possible record high of non-target animal deaths as fur-trapping season draws to a close. While millions of fur-bearing animals are killed each year in archaic body-crushing traps for recreational and commercial purposes, the wildlife conservation group notes that hundreds of thousands more, including domestic cats, dogs, and some endangered species, also fall victim to the snares.

Link: Ecouterre.com

Indiana Pet Shop Cited Again for Neglect

Published 01/25/12
By Seth Slabaugh, Muncie (IN) Star Press

A white boxer puppy allegedly suffering from neglect was not present when police and the city animal shelter director visited McDonald's Pet & Gift Shop on Jan. 24. But officials still cited the manager of the store for violating a city ordinance prohibiting neglect of animals, in this case rodents including hamsters.

Link: TheStarPress.com

Minnesota Announces New Wolf Hunting Season for Fall

Published 01/20/12
By Elizabeth Dunbar, Minnesota Public Radio

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources announced in early January that it will propose a new wolf-hunting season for as early as this fall. Management of the population is expected to fall back into state hands after the gray wolf in the western Great Lakes region is officially removed from federal endangered species protection later this month.

Link: Minnesota Public Radio

Fur Free and Fabulous!

Published 09/19/11
By Starre Vartan, E Magazine

There may be fewer men and women sporting full-length sable coats today, but as the cold kicks in, plenty of people are still donning fur earmuffs and fur-trimmed hats and coats. Fur wearing has become more democratized, and now that fake furs look increasingly realistic, it’s hard to tell what comes from an animal and what comes from a machine. And recent controversies over real fur marked as fake prove that the situation isn’t getting any clearer. All of which makes the work of those who know the real cost of fur and are working to end it that much tougher.

Link: E magazine

Tourist Claims Lemur Bit Her on Cheek

Published 06/01/11
By Les Neuhaus, The Citizen (Florida Keys)

A lemur used in a street exhibition in Old Town allegedly bit an unsuspecting tourist on May 20, raising issues of how wild and domesticated animals are being regulated in their use by street performers in Key West. Cherish A. Giannetta, of Egg Harbor, N.J., claimed in an affidavit filed with the city's Code Compliance Department that after she held the animal about 10:45 p.m., "The lemur suddenly turned and bit me on one cheek ... then the lemur bit me harder on the cheek (again)."

Link: The Citizen (Florida Keys)

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