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Wild Animal Traps Do Not Discriminate. Our Database Lists the Cats, Dogs, Others Who Suffer

Adam Roberts on TV/Radio

Captive Tigers at Risk in the U.S., Not Just in the Wild

Published 12/05/11
By Steve Krafft, Fox 10 News (Phoenix)

(WARNING: The video this story links to contains graphic images.)

PHOENIX — A tiger cub named Orion born at the Wildlife World Zoo in the west valley was eventually given to a small roadside zoo back east — a zoo that had a history of problems. Now Orion is coming back to Arizona, but it got us wondering — what else can happen to tigers in captivity? It turns out Orion is one very lucky cat.

Link: MyFoxPhoenix.com

Tiger Cubs in a Mall? What a Disgrace!

Published 11/30/11

Lisa Guerrero of "Inside Edition" ventured into a shopping mall in Cincinnati, OH, to investigate a display there of live tigers. For $55, patrons are allowed to play with tiger cubs and pose with them for pictures. As Guerrero points out to exhibit workers, some of the animals look ill; one cub has a patch of fur missing. It's a heartbreaking scene. Born Free USA's executive vice president, Adam Roberts, is interviewed during the segment and firmly states the obvious: There's no excuse for such cruel exploitation of a species who should instead be left alone in the wild. Watch the report!

Animals Today — Hoffman and Roberts (radio)

Published 10/23/11

On this show we spoke with Frank Hoffman, from the Frank T. and Mary L. Hoffman Foundation. The foundation hosts a very large series of websites concerning religion, animal rights and veganism. Then, Adam Roberts joined us to discuss the massacre of dozens of wild animals on the streets of Zanesville, OH.

Link: Animals Today Radio

Born Free Makes Its Voice Heard in Ohio Tragedy

Published 10/20/11

Born Free USA was out in force Wednesday when news about the exotic animals incident in central Ohio — in which dozens of wildlife who had been held captive in a rural resident’s backyard were impetuously released by their suicidal captor, then mostly shot dead by law enforcement officers — dominated the news cycle. Among the many interviews with print, radio and TV journalists by Born Free USA representatives was Executive Vice President Adam M. Roberts’ appearance on CNN with Erin Burnett. Watch as Roberts stands toe-to-toe with another Ohio man who has a long history of exploiting exotic animals by presenting them as caged tourist attractions. Read, hear and see us also on ABC, Agence France-Presse/Yahoo! News, BBC, CNN Opinion, the Los Angeles Times and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Animals Today — Roberts and Crosby (radio)

Published 09/11/11

On today’s show, Lori spoke to Adam Roberts with the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries. They discussed what constitutes an animal sanctuary and the benefits of accreditation. Adam was a great guest who is a true advocate for animals. Then Charlie Crosby from Noah’s Wish came on, and discussed how they respond during emergencies and disasters to aid animals.

Link: Animals Today Radio

Adam Roberts Appears on 'Pet Talk' (second visit)

Published 07/16/11

Born Free USA's executive vice president, Adam Roberts, makes a return appearance on "Pet Talk," a program hosted on News 12 Connecticut by meteorologist Lauren Collier. Click here or on the image to watch the program. (Note: Adam is interviewed during the opening minutes of the program.)

Adam Roberts Appears on 'Pet Talk' (first visit)

Published 04/16/11

Born Free USA's executive vice president, Adam Roberts, appears on "Pet Talk," a program hosted on News 12 Connecticut by meteorologist Lauren Collier. Click here or on the image to watch the program. (Note: The portion of the show that features Adam being interviewed starts at approximately the 5:35 mark.)

BFUSA’s Roberts Tells of Trapping’s Horrors on CNN

Published 03/17/11

Born Free USA recently completed a landmark investigation into the cruel world of trapping for the fur industry. The investigation, “Victims of Vanity,” includes graphic and shocking photographs, video and investigator notes, and we suggest ways you can get involved in efforts to end this barbaric practice. On March 16, our executive vice president, Adam M. Roberts, talked about the investigation on CNN Headline News. Watch his interview with anchorperson Jane Velez-Mitchell.

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