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Born Free USA In The News

Talking About Bears

Published 09/17/09

Born Free USA senior vice president Adam Roberts will be featured on “The Nature Connection” on BlogTalkRadio this Friday, September 18, beginning at 4:00pm PST. Tune in to this exciting show to hear Adam talk about bears in the U.S. and the federal Bear Protection Act. Adam’s portion of the show begins airing at 4:45pm.

Come on, you brave hunters

Published 09/12/09

The absolute absurdity of grown men getting pleasure from blasting small doves into pieces is succinctly explored by Born Free USA’s Monica Engebretson in a powerful blog titled “What the heck is wrong with some people?” What indeed? Come on, you brave hunters, explain just what it is that makes you feel so good about pitting your ‘wits’ and rifles against 5 ounces of feathers?

Colorado’s Dove hunting season begins
blog on 10,000 Birds website

Opposing Funding Hunting

Published 09/10/09

... The group opposed to the bill, according to the analysis, is Born Free USA, which “objects to this bill because it would fund projects related to hunting and habitat improvements for that purpose.” ...

County writes letter supporting bill aimed at hunting conservation
David Smith
Siskiyou Daily News (Yreka, CA)

Man Kills Parrot for Being "Annoying"

Published 09/10/09

Irritated at his family's 20-year-old African grey parrot for disturbing him while watching a NASCAR race on television, a man pulled out a BB gun and shot the bird three times, killing him.

Born Free USA's Senior Program Associate, Monica Engebretson, contributes to this story.

Man Shoots and Kills Pet Parrot For Being 'Annoying'
Helena Sung
Paw Nation

Please say “no” to the circus when it comes to Seattle

Published 09/09/09

Ringling Brothers & Barnum & Bailey ("Ringling Brothers") touts itself as the largest animal circus in the world. Its menagerie includes: elephants, horses, tigers, and a variety of other animals. "The Greatest Show on Earth", as it bills itself, is also home to immeasurable pain and suffering.

Discussed are Born Free USA's lawsuit against Ringling and reasons not to attend the circus.

The circus comes to town - and the misery continues
Jean-Pierre Ruiz, Seattle Pet Laws Examiner

Heads up from (and shout out to) Born Free USA

Published 09/08/09

An expedition team in Papua New Guinea for the BBC programme ‘Lost Land of the Volcano’ has filmed two Buff-faced Pygmy Parrots for the first time. The parrots stand less than 9cm tall and weigh 11.5g (0.41oz). To quote the report on the BBC website (which has some nice video), “The tiny bird, which is not much bigger than an adult person’s thumb, is smaller than some of the insects with which it shares the forest”. Cute. (Thanks to Monica Engebretson of Born Free USA for the heads-up.)

World’s smallest parrot filmed
blog on 10,000 Birds website

fffashion competition winners

Published 09/02/09

Born Free USA have announced the results of their competition for Fur-Free Fashion. I was lucky enough to be one of the panel of celebrity judges, and we all unanimously picked the design team (Zsorzsa Kovacs and Jessica Richard), who created the most stunning outfits. So the animals won big time! ...

Sophie Uliano
blog on her Gorgeously Green website

Born Free USA map is source for TV news story

Published 09/01/09

The video of this news story about a loose alligator in SW Washington uses a map of state laws and notes sourced from Born Free USA.

Alligator on the loose in Clark County
Bob Heye KATU News and KATU.com Staff
KATU TV, ABC News, Portland, OR

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