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Born Free USA In The News

Coroner: Lion Killed Woman after Escaping Cage

Published 03/08/13
By Tracie Cone and Gosia Wozniacka, Associated Press

The investigation into a lion attack that killed a 24-year-old woman who loved big cats is focusing on a cage door that the 550-pound animal managed to escape through to reach the volunteer intern, officials say.

Link: MiamiHerald.com

People and Animals at Immediate Risk from Wildlife Crime, CITES Chief Warns

Published 03/04/13
By Damian Carrington, The Guardian (U.K.)

Crime syndicates and terrorists are outgunning those on the frontline of wildlife protection and pose a deadly threat to people and animals, the world's top wildlife official has told the Guardian. The law enforcement fightback must mirror the war against illegal drugs, said John Scanlon, secretary general of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (Cites), with undercover operations and harsh penalties.

Link: Guardian.co.uk

Antiques, Furniture, and…Parrots? Why Animals Don’t Belong at Swap Meets

Published 02/28/13
By Kelly Zhou, TakePart.com

From exotic birds to reptiles, the health and safety of wildlife sold at outdoor markets is the focus of a new bill, AB 339 sponsored by Born Free USA and the State Human Association of California and authored by California Assemblyman Roger Dickinson (D-Sacramento). “Very frequently, I found the animals didn’t have food or water, even when it was really hot out,” Monica Engebretson, senior program associate for Born Free USA,

Link: www.takepart.com

Born Free Executives Warn of the End of Many of the World's Most Iconic Species

Published 02/26/13
By Chicago Examiner

Adam Roberts, executive vice president of Born Free USA, a leader in wildlife conservation and animal welfare, and a board member of Species Survival Network (SSN), warned February 25, “We are presiding over a slide towards extinction for many of the world's most iconic species.”

Link: Examiner.com

Roberts Talks on TV about National Bird Day

Published 02/11/13
By "The Pet Show with Dr. Katy"

National Bird Day, and related issues such as birds in captivity and the international trade of parrots, are discussed by Born Free USA Executive Vice President Adam M. Roberts on "The Pet Show with Dr. Katy."

Link: WJLA.com

Thailand May Face Heat Over Ivory Trade Business at Endangered Species Conference

Published 01/17/13
By Darryl Fears, Washington Post

It was a professional hit, the quick and ruthless slaying of a family of 12. Poachers with machetes hacked off the tusks of 11 African elephants on Jan. 5 in a Kenyan reserve, passing over a baby that was crushed by its mother after a gunshot felled her. The same day, customs officials in Hong Kong seized more than 770 tusks, weighing more than a ton and valued at more than $1 million, according to Born Free USA, a group that tracks poaching and government seizures.

Link: WashingtonPost.com

The Lion's Fading Roar: Declining West African Lion Population Hints at Grim Future

Published 01/14/13
By Chandrashekar Srinivasan, International Business Times

It was alarming to read new research which suggests that the West African Lion may be on the verge of extinction, with just 645 members of the sub-species left in western and central Africa. The study, carried out by conservation group LionAid, finds there are no lions at all in 25 of the region's countries, and the animal is virtually extinct in 10 others. In Nigeria, once home to a huge community of West African Lions, just 34 remain.

Link: IBTimes.co.uk

1,500 Elephant Tusks Seized on Way to China; Biggest Bust a Sign of Worse Things to Come?

Published 12/13/12
By Miguel Llanos, NBC News

Some 1,500 African elephant tusks — the biggest seizure ever — were found this week hidden within timber planks and destined for China's ivory market. Shocked conservationists noted 2012 will now go down as the worst year in 24 years of records — and warned that 2013 could be even worse.

Link: WorldNews.NBCNews.com

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