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Born Free USA In The News

Travers Talks on BBC about Circus Animals

Published 03/05/12

Born Free USA's chief executive officer, Will Travers, talks with BBC Oxford's Bill Heine and his guests about the possibility of a ban on wild animals in circuses that appear in Great Britain. In this three-hour online player, tune in to about the 1:08 mark to catch the opening of the segment. Travers first appears at about the 1:17 mark.

Sanctuary Director Interviewed on Animals Today Radio

Published 03/04/12

Tim Ajax, director of Born Free USA's Primate Sanctuary in south Texas, talks with Dr. Peter Spiegel on Animals Today Radio. They discuss the history of the sanctuary, why it is needed, and how they are preparing to receive more than 100 new residents. Listen to a stream of the interview here (Tim's portion begins a few minutes into the link, after the news.)

Fur-Trapping Season Ends With Record High of Non-Target Animal Deaths

Published 02/09/12
By Lori Zimmer, Ecouterre.com

One man’s pet is another’s collateral damage, according to Born Free U.S.A, which announced on Wednesday a possible record high of non-target animal deaths as fur-trapping season draws to a close. While millions of fur-bearing animals are killed each year in archaic body-crushing traps for recreational and commercial purposes, the wildlife conservation group notes that hundreds of thousands more, including domestic cats, dogs, and some endangered species, also fall victim to the snares.

Link: Ecouterre.com

Indiana Pet Shop Cited Again for Neglect

Published 01/25/12
By Seth Slabaugh, Muncie (IN) Star Press

A white boxer puppy allegedly suffering from neglect was not present when police and the city animal shelter director visited McDonald's Pet & Gift Shop on Jan. 24. But officials still cited the manager of the store for violating a city ordinance prohibiting neglect of animals, in this case rodents including hamsters.

Link: TheStarPress.com

Minnesota Announces New Wolf Hunting Season for Fall

Published 01/20/12
By Elizabeth Dunbar, Minnesota Public Radio

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources announced in early January that it will propose a new wolf-hunting season for as early as this fall. Management of the population is expected to fall back into state hands after the gray wolf in the western Great Lakes region is officially removed from federal endangered species protection later this month.

Link: Minnesota Public Radio

Commentary: Lab Torture or Pets, Dumb Humans Keep Texas Primate Haven Busy

Published 01/18/12
By Mike Di Paola, Bloomberg News Service

Tim Ajax, director of the
Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary
(photograph by Mike Di Paola)

The approach to the Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary in Dilley, Texas, has an ominous look — lonely dirt road, padlocked gate, a sign warning “Not Open to the Public.” Inside the fence, however, the place is full of life, with dozens of macaque monkeys roaming the grounds.

“There’s something inherently wrong with these animals living their lives in little cages,” says the sanctuary director, Tim Ajax. Most of the more than 500 nonhuman primates here have the run of a 56-acre area, while the rest stay in fairly spacious enclosures. “We’re at capacity right now,” Ajax says, but he’s
preparing for more newcomers.

Link: Bloomberg.com

Tigers for Sale? Yes — It's Legal and It's Easy

Published 12/22/11

Believe it or not, an "Inside Edition" investigation found it is easier in some states to purchase a tiger than it is to adopt a dog from a shelter. Producer Charlie Mclravy found it was as easy as responding to a listing in a catalog called the "Animal Finder's Guide." The ad said: "Tiger Cub, five month old female, well socialized." The seller, Cy Vierstra, sent Mclravy pictures of a rare white Bengal tiger. The price: $2,700.

Born Free USA works vigorously to prevent such exploitation of wildlife. Please consider helping us today.

Link: InsideEdition.com

More Than 100 Primates Given New Homes

Published 12/16/11
By Vincent T. Davis, My San Antonio

A transfer of 113 primates from the defunct Wild Animal Orphanage to the Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary in Dilley was approved Monday by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Texas. In August 2010, the Northwest Side animal orphanage announced on its website that it was being dissolved because of overpopulation, underfunding and inadequate housing. More than 190 animals were at two locations, a 7-acre site at 9626 Leslie Road and 102 acres on Talley Road, at the time of the announcement.

Link: GlobalAnimal.org

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