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Born Free USA In The News

'Pet' Monkey Finds a New Home in Texas (VIDEO)

Published 06/06/12
By Channel 5, San Antonio

A pet monkey that endured years of heartbreaking cruelty has finally found a loving home at a primate sanctuary in Dilley, Texas. Officials at the Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary said the long-tailed macaque was never let out of his small cage to exercise in the 10 years he lived with his former owner in Michigan. The former owners even allegedly got JR high on marijuana and drunk off booze.

Link: Kens5.com

"The Plight of Tigers in the U.S." (VIDEO)

Published 05/24/12

Hosted by Diane Sullivan and Holly Vietzke of the Massachusetts School of Law, this 2011 program (about one hour long) received a Bronze Telly Award in early 2012. Its interviewees include Adam M. Roberts, executive vice president of Born Free USA.

Watch Part 1 (Adam's interview begins at the 13:39 mark and continues onto Part 2)
Watch Part 2
Watch Part 3
Watch Part 4

Big Cat Rescue Backs Law that Could One Day Put It Out of Business

Published 05/16/12
By Eddie Daniels. Tampa (FL) Tribune

Carole Baskin spends much of her life with big felines — tigers, lions, leopards and such. As founder of Big Cat Rescue, a nonprofit educational sanctuary in Citrus Park, she takes pride in the way the sanctuary is operated — with attention to the animals' well-being and the public's safety. Not everyone is so scrupulous. Baskin said she wasn't shocked in October when a man in Zanesville, Ohio, intentionally released 56 big cats from a private piece of property. Of the 56 animals turned loose in the southwestern Ohio community, 49 were killed to protect the public — including 18 Bengal tigers and 17 lions.

Link: Tampa Bay Online

Ending Animal Cruelty and Exploitation

Published 05/14/12

Born Free USA's Adam Roberts is interviewed by Rich Britton on his online radio program "Passionate about Pets." Roberts and the host discuss a range of issues that are on Born Free USA's front burner. Listen to the interview here.

Rescued Dolphins Ready for Release (VIDEO)

Published 05/02/12

After years in captivity, two bottlenose dolphins — none other than the Born Free Foundation's rescues, Tom and Misha, off the coast of Turkey — are about to get their freedom. CNN's Ivan Watson has the details.

Link: CNN.com

New York Doesn't Want to Be a Bear-Poaching Mecca

Published 04/24/12
By Adam Martin, The Atlantic

Until recently, the state of New York state has been a leading destination for those who wanted to poach bears and sell their parts, but thanks to a new law this year, which NPR explored on Tuesday morning, that's now illegal. Still, there's money to be made on bears.

Link: AtlanticWire.com

Ethiopia to protect Cheetahs, Dogs, Lions

Published 04/23/12
By United Press International

Ethiopia will embark on a plan for conservation of three of the country's large carnivores, the cheetah, the wild dog and the lion, conservationists say. The plans were announced April 19 at the Wildlife Rescue, Conservation and Education Center in Addis Ababa.

Link: UPI.com

Connecticut Lawmaker Backs Increased Leghold Trap Restrictions

Published 03/06/12
By James Mosher, Norwich (CT) Bulletin

State Rep. Diana Urban, D-North Stonington, is supporting a bill that would increase restrictions on the use of leghold hunting traps. Connecticut House Bill 5324, drafted in part by Born Free USA, a California-based animal welfare group, would ban placement of the traps within 1,500 feet of areas likely to be visited by children including schools, playgrounds, and public boat launches. The legislation would also require trappers to report non-targeted catches to the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection within 24 hours.

Link: Norwich (CT) Bulletin

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