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Born Free USA In The News

Brian May and Kerry Ellis Release 'Born Free' Single to Benefit Born Free Foundation

Published 11/05/12
By Broadway World News Desk

Today the worldwide release of the Oscar-winning song "Born Free" re-recorded by legendary Queen guitarist Brian May and West End and Broadway songstress Kerry Ellis, was released. The classic hit single will be sold in aid of the international wildlife charity, the Born Free Foundation.

Link: BroadwayWorld.com

Swim With a Tiger Cub at Florida Private Zoo

Published 10/10/12
By Matt Guttman, "Good Morning America"

If swimming with dolphins is not exciting enough for you, how about a tiger cub? A private zoo in Dade City, Fla., is now giving patrons the chance to swim with a Siberian tiger cub. While it might sound dangerous, it’s a roaring success with customers from as far away as Iceland lining up and paying $200 for just 30 minutes to cuddle, bottle feed and swim with Tony the tiger — a 6-week old cub.

Link: ABCNews.go.com

Arizona Tiger Handler Defies Critics to Swim With 450-Pound Felines

Published 10/02/12
By "Good Morning America," ABC

It looks like a scene out of a box-office smash movie. But for Jeff Harwell, 30, an animal handler at Arizona's Out of Africa Wildlife Park in Camp Verde, Ariz., running at full speed, being chased by a full-grown tiger or waiting for the 450-pound animal to pounce is part of a normal day.

Link: ABC.com

Move Could Doom Beaver

Published 09/23/12
By London Free Press (Ontario, Canada)

As names go, the Stanton drain is pretty unimpressive, evoking a rusty sewer pipe spewing effluent. The reality is far different — it’s at the center of a dispute between environmentalists and city hall, as well as the focus of a project on which the city and developers have already spent $11 million. The controversy was on display this weekend as about 30 people hiked along an abandoned rail right-of-way north of Gainsborough Road in Hyde Park to see first-hand city plans that would destroy what the drain has become: home to two beaver, with wild flowers and bushes along the waterway’s edges to complement the deer and birds in a nearby woodlot.

Link: LFPress.com

Better Late Than Never for Minnesota Dolphins

Published 07/17/12
By Will Travers for the Huffington Post

I was intrigued by the Minnesota Zoo's recent announcement that it is discontinuing its captive dolphin exhibit. More than a decade ago we expressed concern about the zoo's acquisition of two dolphins from South Africa. In our letter we asked the zoo to instead consider phasing out the captive dolphin display.

We are thrilled to see that the zoo may finally be heeding our advice. Better late than never.

Link: Huffington Post

Nolan Ryan Knows All About (Snow) Monkey Business

Published 07/02/12
By Jim Reeves

Once the dust stirred up by the truck tires settles in the compound, just about the only thing still moving in the heat is a beautiful seal-point Siamese cat, languidly padding out to welcome me to the Born Free Primate Sanctuary, located some 90 miles south of San Antonio in the heart of the desolate South Texas brush country. I'm not sure whether to be disappointed or relieved. This isn't the way it was when Nolan Ryan, representing the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, arrived here back in the late '90s.

Link: Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Abused Monkey Moved to Born Free's Sanctuary

Published 06/29/12
By James Muñoz, Kens 5 TV, San Antonio

Freeman is a long-tailed macaque born in captivity. The 10-year-old monkey spent his entire life in a small cage. Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary in Dilley, TX, rescued the monkey from Midland, MI. Freeman's owners reportedly forced him to inhale marijuana, drink alcohol and eat dog food.

Link: kens5.com

Gabon Torches Tusks, Ivory to Keep out of Smugglers' Hands

Published 06/28/12
By Miguel Llanos, msnbc.com

The Central African nation of Gabon on Wednesday burned all the elephant tusks and ivory ornaments it had in its stockpile — an amount equivalent to 850 elephants — so that smugglers, via corrupt government officials, won't get their hands on the black market commodities treasured in China and other parts of Asia.

Link: msnbc.com

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