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Born Free USA In The News

Born Free USA’s CEO Discusses Ivory Trafficking

Published 09/29/14

Listen to Animal Wise Radio's September 28 interview with Adam M. Roberts, CEO of Born Free USA. Roberts shines a spotlight on the dire plight of African elephants and the dangers of the illegal ivory trade, as detailed in Born Free USA's recent report, Out of Africa.

Link: Animal Wise Radio

Born Free USA's CEO Discusses Elephant Poaching

Published 09/23/14

Watch Born Free USA's CEO, Adam M. Roberts, on the latest episode of "The Pet Show with Dr. Katy." Roberts explains the current elephant poaching crisis, which was exposed by Born Free USA's recent reports, Ivory's Curse and Out of Africa.

Link: The Pet Show with Dr. Katy

Zebras as Pets?

Published 09/22/14

Though owning a zebra is legal in most of the United States, zebras are not domesticated—and their kick is strong enough to kill a lion. According to Kate Dylewsky, Program Associate at Born Free USA, "It's not necessary to pursue animals that are rare as pets.” Visit the Born Free USA Exotic Animal Incidents Database to learn more about the dangers of interacting with exotic animals.

Link: NPR

12 School Projects for Students who Love Animals

Published 09/16/14

Your child can make this year more humane for pets and wildlife with the help of her or his classmates. Learn 12 ideas for school projects that help animals—including the suggestion from Born Free USA to host a “party with a purpose” with our Party Animals online tools. Pass these compassionate ideas on to your favorite young animal lover!

Link: Parade

U.S. Congress to Consider Sanctions Against Nations that Traffic Ivory

Published 09/15/14

A new bill, introduced by Congressman Peter DeFazio, could allow the U.S. to impose sanctions on countries that refuse to enact anti-poaching laws, essentially forcing those governments to save their wildlife—before it’s too late. Adam M. Roberts, CEO of Born Free USA, argues that the sanctions could provide a powerful incentive to prosecute ivory traders. “The countries implicated in the ivory trade—those that are not doing enough to stop the poaching and reduce demand—will be expected to increase law enforcement, bolster customs operations to uncover trafficking operations, prevent ivory from being re-exported,” Roberts said.

Link: The Dodo

Rep. DeFazio Introduces Legislation to Curb Illegal Ivory Trafficking

Published 09/12/14

On September 11, 2014, Representative Peter DeFazio (D-OR) introduced legislation that would impose trade sanctions on countries that facilitate ivory trafficking. According to Born Free USA’s CEO, Adam M. Roberts, “The international illicit ivory trade is being driven by dangerous organized crime syndicates in Africa and Asia and must be stopped. Elephants continue to be slaughtered at record levels; heroic park rangers are literally laying their lives on the line to keep them safe; and national security in the most vulnerable parts of Africa is made more fragile. Congressman DeFazio deserves the full support of all Members of Congress for tackling this significant issue head-on.”

Link: defazio.house.gov

Born Free USA Takes a Stand Against Animal Captivity

Published 09/10/14

As clouded leopard cubs prepare to make their debut at Houston Zoo, Born Free USA’s CEO, Adam M. Roberts, speaks out against the keeping of animals in captivity. "Zoos put millions of dollars into the building of these enclosures; the same amount of money could fund conservation projects for years,” Roberts explains. Born Free USA also argues that there is no evidence that visiting animals at zoos leads to a desire to help animals in the wild.

Link: Houston Chronicle

Colorado Enacts Stricter Pet Store Regulations

Published 09/09/14

Though Colorado has strengthened its pet store regulations, humane treatment standards are not always met. “Born Free USA would like to see stronger and more uniform laws protecting the animals who come through the pet shops, which address basic sustenance needs, adequate housing, proper record keeping, prompt vet care, and enforcement of existing laws for these animals,” said Adam M. Roberts, CEO of Born Free USA. “Due to the lack of oversight on this issue, it is truly a case of ‘buyer beware’ when purchasing an animal from a pet shop—and even the most vigilant consumer may end up with a sick animal.”

Link: The New Falcon Herald

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