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Animal News

Hong Kong to Burn 95% of One of Asia's Main Ivory Stockpiles

Published 01/23/14

Hong Kong, a key port for the ivory trade, has announced plans to incinerate 28 of its 29.6 tons of ivory into ash. China is currently the world’s largest end-market for ivory.

Link: Chicago Tribune

Real Conservation or Just Rhino Slaughter for Sport?

Published 01/22/14

Read Born Free CEO Will Travers’ latest piece for Huffington Post, in which he addresses the controversial story of Corey Knowlton: the Dallas-based hunter who recently won an auction to kill an endangered black rhinoceros in Namibia.

Link: Huffington Post

"Ikea Monkey" Owner to Pay $83,000 to Primate Sanctuary

Published 01/21/14

In 2012, Darwin, better known as the “Ikea monkey,” escaped from his owner in an Ikea parking lot and was taken to Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary in Ontario. Darwin’s owner, Yasmin Nakhuda, sued the sanctuary in an attempt to get him back. Now, a court has ruled that Nakhuda must pay $83,000 to cover the sanctuary’s legal costs.

Link: CTV News

Amidst Black Rhino Hunt Controversy, A Hunter Becomes the Hunted

Published 01/17/14

The news has been abuzz with the story of Corey Knowlton, the Dallas-based hunter who paid $350,000 at auction for the chance to shoot an endangered black rhinoceros in Namibia. Knowlton justifies the hunt in the name of conservation, as his money will reportedly be spent to save other endangered black rhinos—but his insensitivity and flawed logic have earned him disdain from animal advocacy groups and death threats from the public.

Link: CNN

Orcas Sentenced to Captivity for Winter Olympics... and Beyond

Published 01/15/14

Two orcas will be captured from the wild, flown 4,614 miles, and then displayed in small concrete tanks at the Sochi Winter Olympics in Russia. They will join six other orcas who suffer the same stifling fate.

Link: The Mirror

New York Rhino Horn Trader Sentenced

Published 01/13/14

In December, Born Free USA asked our members to write letters to Judge John Gleeson, urging him to impose a strict sentence for illegal rhinoceros horn trafficker, Michael Slattery, Jr. On Friday, January 10, Mr. Slattery was sentenced to serve 14 months in prison, followed by three years of supervised release; to pay a $10,000 fine; and to forfeit $50,000 in profits from his rhino horn trade. Born Free USA sincerely appreciates your involvement in this momentous case.

Link: The U.S. Department of Justice

Born Free USA Speaks Out Against Argentinian Zoo that Allows Contact with Wild Animals

Published 01/10/14

A zoo near Buenos Aires, Argentina invites visitors to touch, ride, and walk among wild animals such as bears, lions, and tigers: a dangerous practice that also begs questions of animal mistreatment. Born Free USA CEO, Will Travers, explains the risks of close interaction with wild animals.

Link: Yahoo! Travel

China's Ivory Crush Must be Followed Up with Policy Change

Published 01/09/14

This week, China took an important first step in ending the ivory trade by publicly destroying six tons of elephant ivory. But, due to China’s unique, substantial role in wildlife trafficking, there remains much more to be done.

Link: National Geographic

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