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Animal News

Poisoned Mice Being Air-Dropped onto Guam to Kill Snakes

Published 05/10/12
By David Freeman, Huffington Post

Brown tree snakes in Guam have wildlife officials there seeing red. That's why the officials are air-dropping poisoned mice as a lethal treat for the mildly venomous serpents, an invasive species that has devastated native animal populations on the Pacific island, the BBC reported.

Link: Huffington Post

Up to 59 Percent of Idaho's Wolves Killed in One Year

Published 05/09/12
By Ken Cole, Wildlife News

The Wildlife News has finally obtained all of the records of documented mortality for wolves from April 1, 2011 up to April 1, 2012. This information tells a grim story about what the toll of handing over management to the State of Idaho has been on the Idaho wolf population. All told, based on some estimates made using the data, under state management, 721 wolves, or 59% of the wolves, were killed in the year running from April, 2011 – April, 2012. Even if you use only documented mortality, without estimating additional, unreported illegal take or other causes of mortality, then 492 wolves, or 48% of the wolves, in Idaho were killed.

Link: Wildlife News

Endangered Wolves at NY Preserve Produce 8 Pups

Published 05/08/12
By Jim Fitzgerald, Associated Press

Eight rare Mexican wolf pups have been born at a preserve in the New York City suburbs, a development that could aid the federal program that has reintroduced the endangered species to the wild. The Wolf Conservation Center in South Salem announced Monday that five males and three females were born Sunday to the Mexican wolves known as F749 and M740.

Link: AP/Yahoo News!

Rescued Dolphins Ready for Release (VIDEO)

Published 05/02/12

After years in captivity, two bottlenose dolphins — none other than the Born Free Foundation's rescues, Tom and Misha, off the coast of Turkey — are about to get their freedom. CNN's Ivan Watson has the details.

Link: CNN.com

The Killing Agency: Wildlife Services' Brutal Methods Leave a Trail of Animal Death

(First of a three-part series)

Published 04/30/12

The day began with a drive across the desert, checking the snares he had placed in the sagebrush to catch coyotes. Gary Strader, an employee of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, stepped out of his truck near a ravine in Nevada and found something he hadn't intended to kill. There, strangled in a neck snare, was one of the most majestic birds in America, a federally protected golden eagle.

Link: Sacramento Bee

True Colors: Why Zoos Really Do What They Do

Published 04/25/12
By Gay Bradshaw, Ph.D.

The Toronto City Council agreed to send three aged elephants from zoo to the highly regarded sanctuary, Performing Animals Welfare Society in San Andreas, CA. In response, the Association of Zoos and Aquariums considered the decision a violation of its standards and penalized the Canadian facility by nullifying its standing of accreditation, held since 1977. From the perspective of elephant welfare, this retaliatory response is startling. Sanctuary is clearly in the best interest of the three African elephants.

Link: Psychology Today

New D.C. Wildlife Trapping Law Gets First Test: a Raccoon

Published 04/25/12
By Martin Austermuhle

In 2010, the District of Columbia Council passed the Wildlife Protection Act, which requires that pest control companies operating in the city use non-lethal and humane methods to capture vermin. The law has been controversial—remember Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli's claim that it would force D.C. rats to be relocated to the Old Dominion (even though mice and rats are exempted from the law)?—but it hasn't yet been tested. Until now.

Link: DCist.com

New York Doesn't Want to Be a Bear-Poaching Mecca

Published 04/24/12
By Adam Martin, The Atlantic

Until recently, the state of New York state has been a leading destination for those who wanted to poach bears and sell their parts, but thanks to a new law this year, which NPR explored on Tuesday morning, that's now illegal. Still, there's money to be made on bears.

Link: AtlanticWire.com

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