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Animal News

Wildlife Trainer Says Grizzly Not Involved in Mauling Deserves to Live

Published 11/13/12
By Lauren Maschmedt, KTVM

BOZEMAN, Mont. — Head trainer Demetri Price of wildlife casting agency Animals of Montana said when Fish, Wildlife and Parks asked the agency to kill one of its bears, trainers thought FWP reacted too fast without looking at all aspects of the incident. "This scenario is really unfortunate, and I think their basis to want to kill this other bear without even asking any relevant questions is something that we can't fathom," Price said.

Link: NBCMontana.com

Hillary Clinton Slams Wildlife Poaching

Published 11/09/12
By Agence France-Presse

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called Thursday for a stepped up fight against poaching, warning against criminal gangs seeking to satisfy growing demand for ivory and rhino horn. "Over the past few years wildlife trafficking has become more organized, more lucrative, more widespread, and more dangerous than ever before," the top US diplomat told a meeting at the State Department.

Link: Yahoo! News

Helicopter Pilot Accused of Harassing Wildlife

Published 11/08/12
By KGWN, Cheyenne (Wyoming)

Colorado wildlife officials have fined a medical helicopter pilot from Arizona after he was accused of harassing wildlife by a group of hunters who said he was flying low over an elk herd. Authorities said Thursday that Owen Park, of Page, Ariz., was issued penalty points against his hunting and fishing privileges and ordered to pay a $200 fine. The incident occurred on Sept. 23 near the headwaters of Granite Creek, southwest of Grand Junction.

Link: KGWN.tv

Idaho Voters Overwhelmingly Endorse Amendment to Preserve Hunting, Fishing and Trapping

Published 11/07/12
By Todd Dvorak, Associated Press

The right to hunt, fish and trap is now a constitutional right in Idaho. Voters Tuesday overwhelmingly threw their support behind HJR2, the amendment that enshrines the collective right to hunt, fish and trap in the Idaho Constitution. With 83 percent of the vote counted early Wednesday, the measure had approval from 74 percent of voters and was carried by overwhelming majorities in every Idaho county with the exception of Blaine County, where it was rejected by 65.3 percent of voters.

Link: The Republic (IN)

Bear Attack: Man Mauled To Death By Captive Grizzly In Montana

Published 11/06/12
By Associated Press

The trainer at a Montana wildlife casting agency where a man was fatally mauled while cleaning a grizzly pen says the victim may have fallen and hit his head or otherwise lost consciousness before he was killed. Demetri Price with Animals of Montana near Bozeman called Sunday's mauling of an unidentified 24-year-old man a "tragic accident" — but not an attack.

Link: Huffington Post

Boy, 2, Dies After Fall, Dog Attack at Pittsburgh Zoo

Published 11/05/12
By Kevin Begos, Associated Press

A mother’s attempt to give her 2-year-old son a better view of wild African dogs turned into a fatal tragedy after the boy fell into the exhibit and was attacked by a pack of the animals as relatives and bystanders looked on. The mother had picked the child up and put him on top of a railing at the edge of a viewing deck at the Pittsburgh Zoo late Sunday morning, Lt. Kevin Kraus of the Pittsburgh police said.

Link: Chicago Sun-Times

Oregon Deer Hunter Mauled By Wounded Bear

Published 11/02/12
By Associated Press

An Oregon hunter who helped shoot a bear got a violent surprise when the wounded animal roused itself and put him in a "bear hug." Jackson County sheriff's spokeswoman Andrea Carlson says the injured animal grabbed 22-year-old Alex Machavo of Medford Thursday and the two rolled down a 50-foot embankment with the bear biting Machavo all the way.

Link: Huffington Post

Pets Lost and Found in Sandy's Wake

Published 11/01/12
By Christina Ng, ABC's "Good Morning America"

Superstorm Sandy's destructive path took lives, forced people from their homes and shut down cities. Its powerful winds and rains also spooked and swept hundreds of pets away from their homes. As people struggle to rebuild their lives in Sandy's wake, many have been left searching for beloved family members — dogs, cats, birds and other pets.

Link: Yahoo! News

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