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Animal News

Florida Wildlife Officials Capture, Release Crocodile (VIDEO)

Published 12/03/12
By WSVN (Miami/Fort Lauderdale, FL)

A giant crocodile has been relocated to the Everglades after being spotted in the Florida Keys. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission captured the giant crocodile over the weekend. A 7News viewer submitted a picture of the 12-foot, 430-plus-pound reptile as it was captured in Key Largo. Instead of euthanizing the crocodile, FWC took it to the Everglades and released it.

Link: WSVN.com

Nile Crocodile Hunted Near Miami as Potential Danger

Published 11/30/12
By Associated Press

Florida state wildlife officials have given their agents the rare order to shoot to kill in the hunt for a young Nile crocodile loose near Miami. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials made the decision this summer after months of trying to catch the croc. The reptile is only about 3 feet long and not a threat yet, but it could be a danger if it gets bigger.

Link: NBC40.net

Official: Lack of Pipelines Threat to North Dakota Wildlife

Published 11/28/12
By James MacPherson, Associated Press

Too few pipelines moving crude to market is the biggest threat to wildlife in western North Dakota's booming oil patch at present, an industry official said Tuesday (Nov. 27). About half of North Dakota's record oil production is being shipped by rail and truck because of lack of pipeline infrastructure. Obtaining easements from landowners, acquiring permits and building a sufficient pipeline network "is a huge issue to the state of North Dakota and a huge issue to wildlife," said Ron Ness, president of the North Dakota Petroleum Council. But a spokesman for the state chapter of The Wildlife Society said after the meeting that oil development in general is damaging wildlife and its habitat.

Link: Yahoo! News

New Hampshire Officials Release Bald Eagle from Trap

Published 11/27/12
By Associated Press

A bald eagle found in an animal trap on Thanksgiving Day was freed by police who watched it fly away apparently unharmed beyond a small cut on its leg, Salem police said Friday (Nov. 23). On Thursday afternoon James Ransom of Metheun, Mass., who was scouting hunting locations, called police to report he'd found the eagle next to the recently skinned remains of a beaver.

Link: FoxNews.com

Woman Arrested for Allegedly Riding Manatee

Published 11/26/12
By Reuters

A Florida woman photographed two months ago riding an endangered manatee in violation of state law was arrested on Saturday on misdemeanor charges, authorities said. The Pinellas County Sheriff's office said deputies arrested Ana Gloria Garcia Gutierrez, 53, without incident at her job at a Sears store in St. Petersburg on a warrant for violating the Florida Manatee Sanctuary Act.

Link: Huffington Post

Galapagos Tortoise Species Can Be Revived, Scientists Say

Published 11/23/12
By Frank Bajak, Associated Press

Lonesome George, the late reptile prince of the Galapagos Islands, may be dead, but scientists now say he may not be the last giant tortoise of his species after all. Researchers say they may be able to resurrect the Pinta Island subspecies by launching a cross-breeding program with 17 other tortoises found to contain genetic material similar to that of Lonesome George, who died June 24 at the Pacific Ocean archipelago off Ecuador's coast after repeated failed efforts to reproduce.

Link: Huffington Post

Interview With a Thanksgiving's Turkey and Other Creatures of Rituals

Published 11/21/12
By Rym Tina Ghazal

Americans gather together this week with family and friends for one of their most important holidays: Thanksgiving. Throughout American history, it has been in times of great trouble when the holiday has meant the most. Even during the Civil War and Great Depression the country was able to pause and give thanks. But I can think of someone in the United States who never enjoys the fourth Thursday in November: the turkey.

Link: Huffington Post

Wildlife Officials Zap, Scoop Up Koi from Colorado Pond

Published 11/20/12
By Erica Meltzer, Boulder (CO) Camera

A crew from Colorado Parks and Wildlife cruised around Thunderbird Lake on Monday (Nov. 19) scooping up hundreds of bright orange koi that were discovered in the lake earlier this year. An electric current stunned the fish first, making them easy catching. Each pass of the net delivered anywhere from one to a dozen fish into waiting buckets.

Link: DenverPost.com

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