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To Crave Ivory is to Crave Death

Published 03/04/14

Born Free founder and trustee Virginia McKenna has urged Anglican and Catholic leaders: “Anyone who is in a position of influence, whether it’s the Church, politicians or leaders of society, you have to persuade all those people that seem to crave these little bits of carved teeth, that what they crave is a piece of death.”

Link: Amara Elephant Blog

Farming Elephants to Save Them? Absolutely Not, Says Will Travers

Published 03/03/14

A recent article proposes that we can protect elephants by farming them—but Will Travers, President of the Born Free Foundation, carefully debunks the author’s claims, point by point.

Link: The Guardian

Arizona Legislators Working to Suppress Gray Wolf Recovery

Published 02/28/14

Federal biologists are preparing to release two captive Mexican gray wolves in Arizona to strengthen struggling wild populations. But, state lawmakers are working to fund litigation against expansion of the wolf-recovery zone, broaden who can shoot endangered Mexican gray wolves, and push future wolf releases to Mexico. Senator Chester Crandell (R-Heber) backs three bills that would challenge the Endangered Species Act’s requirement to preserve rare species.

Link: AZ Central

World Wildlife Day Draws Attention to Brutal Wildlife Trade

Published 02/26/14

Jon Patch, host of the Talkin’ Pets radio and internet show, discusses Born Free USA’s involvement in World Wildlife Day (March 3). As Adam Roberts, CEO of Born Free USA, explains, “The global wildlife trade is among the most profitable illicit enterprises along with drug and gun running… It is a wildly destructive and cruel enterprise that must be controlled.”

Link: Talkin’ Pets

The Real Price of a Fur Coat

Published 02/24/14

Secret film footage of Finnish fur farms reveals the immense suffering in the brutal fur industry… but it hasn't deterred fashion labels like Burberry, Marc Jacobs, Fendi, or Gucci from using real animal fur in their designs. Click here for Born Free USA’s report on fur farming in North America.

Link: Mirror

Adam Roberts Featured on Animals Today Radio

Published 02/21/14

Listen to the Animals Today Radio interview with Adam Roberts, CEO of Born Free USA, in which he criticizes the recent slaughter of a healthy, young Copenhagen Zoo giraffe: a shocking story that sparked international outrage.

Link: Animals Today Radio

Pet Dogs Caught in Coyote Traps

Published 02/20/14

In New Mexico, two dogs were caught in coyote traps while out for a walk with their owner. Fortunately, these dogs were not seriously injured—but other pets and wildlife aren’t always so lucky. Visit our Non-Target Trapping Incidents database to learn about other such tragedies. You can search by state, year(s), species, type of trap, victim’s disposition, and keyword.

Link: Las Cruces Sun-News

Lady Gaga Bitten by Slow Loris on Music Video Set

Published 02/18/14

Lady Gaga attempted to feature a slow loris, a baby kangaroo, and an exotic goat in her latest music video for “G.U.Y. (Girl Under You)”—until the slow loris bit her. Thankfully, no animals ended up being used in the video.

Link: New York Post

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