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Animal News

Bighorn Sheep Population on the Rise in North Central Washington

Published 12/14/12
By The Wenatchee (WA) World, K.C. Mehaffey

Wild bighorn sheep appear to be thriving in North Central Washington, including three herds in Chelan County, the state Department of Fish and Wildlife says. Recent surveys indicate those herds are growing at a rate of about 10 percent a year, said Jon Gallie, the agency’s assistant district biologist.

Link: WenatcheeWorld.com

Wildlife Crime Said to be a Risk to Governments

Published 12/13/12
By United Press International

Wildlife crime not only threatens animals but puts the stability of some governments at risk, a report released by the World Wildlife Fund says. The global illegal trade in wildlife is worth $19 billion a year and some of that money from trafficking is being used to finance civil conflicts, the WWF said.

Link: UPI.com

Elephant Relocation Scheme Fails to Prevent Deaths

Published 12/12/12
By Stephanie Pappas, LiveScience senior writer

An attempt to save the lives of both elephants and people by moving the pachyderms away from humans has failed in Sri Lanka, a new study finds. Instead of the relocated elephants living peacefully in their new homes, they wandered, researchers found. Relocated elephants died more often than problem elephants left in their original range. The relocated elephants also killed more people than elephants that stayed put.

Link: Yahoo! News

Web of Intrigue Surrounds Death of Jaguar (VIDEO)

Published 12/11/12
By Dennis Wagner, Arizona Republic

A snare is not complicated — just a thin wire with a noose that, when triggered, closes over an animal’s leg. The device in question was anchored to a mesquite tree near Peñasco Canyon in the remote Atascosa Mountains, about 20 miles west of Nogales and just north of the Mexican border.

Link: AZCentral.com

Britain Sees Decline in Christmas Doves

Published 12/07/12
By Associated Press

Just try finding a partridge in a pear tree in Britain these days. Britain's Royal Society for Protection of Birds says the two icons of the Christmas song — gray partridges and turtle doves — are in alarming decline. It said authorities should act to prevent them from becoming just distant memories within the famed "Twelve Days of Christmas" song.

Link: Yahoo! News

U.S. Senate Passes Two Bills That Help Protect Animals

Published 12/06/12
By Penny Eims, Examiner.com

On Wednesday (Dec. 5), the ASPCA issued a press release applauding the passing of two important bills which help protect animals. By a unanimous vote, the Senate passed the Animal Fighting Spectator Prohibition Act which penalizes individuals who attend organized animal fights. Individuals caught attending one of these cruel, organized events will now face federal penalties.

Link: Examiner.com

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy In Kenya Sees 4 Rhinos Shot By Poachers In 2 Days

Published 12/05/12
By Associated Press

Officials at a wildlife park in Kenya say they found four dead rhinoceros shot by poachers in a two-day span. The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy said Wednesday (Dec. 5)that two male black rhinos and two female black rhinos were killed. The bodies were discovered on Saturday and Sunday. Lewa has lost 10 rhinos to poaching in the last three years.

Link: Huffington Post

Elephants Are Dying Out in America's Zoos (Part 2)

Published 12/04/12
By Michael J. Berens, Seattle Times

After decades of captivity inside America's zoos, the elephants arrived broken in many different ways. Maggie barely survived the harsh winters of the tiny Alaska Zoo. Confined many days to a cramped, indoor pen, she developed crippling foot and joint disease, collapsing to the floor — lifted only by a crane. Zookeepers conceded that frigid Anchorage was no place for a 4-ton tropical beast.

Link: SeattleTimes.com

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