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Celebrate National Bird Day

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Looking Back, Looking Forward

Published 12/23/09

Thank you for all you did in 2009 to protect animals from cruelty, abuse, and exploitation. Without your participation — your actions, your donations, your support — we could not have been nearly as successful. Take pride as you read about this past year’s achievements.

But remember, our work is far from done. While we have great plans for 2010, we still need you to join us in ensuring that next December we can all look back with satisfaction on a string of victories on behalf of the animals.


A column on fur refers to our Fur Farm Report

Published 12/18/09

... I opted for mink because, as a farmed animal, my conceit was that its treatment could be no worse than other livestock, as those of us who have read Michael Pollan's The Omnivore's Dilemma or Jonathan Safran Foer's just-published Eating Animals know. I still feel that way, although no way would I now accept a fur coat. (Just this week, Born Free USA came out with yet another indictment of fur farming practices, in both the U.S. and Canada.) I'm not even keen on down-fill since that, too, is also cruelly obtained. ...

My love/hate of fur
Antonia Zerbisias
The Toronto Star

A defensive reaction to our Fur Farm Report

Published 12/18/09

A national animal rights group is blasting Idaho for its treatment of mink, calling the Gem State the third-worst in the nation for its treatment of animals farmed for their fur. According to a news release by the national wildlife advocacy organization Born Free USA, Idaho earned its place near the top of the list for its high number of unregulated mink farms.

Mink treatment draws group’s wrath
Sean Ellis
Idaho State Journal

Idaho Ranks Third on List of 'Worst Fur Farming States'

Published 12/09/09

Born Free USA today released Cruelty Uncaged: A Review of Fur Farming in North America. The 44-page report, which reviews statistics and legislative oversight of animals raised for their fur, names Idaho as the third-worst state in the nation for cruelty to “fur farmed” animals.
“The fur industry and its apologists want us to believe that fur farming is a humane, environmentally friendly, and highly regulated industry,” said Monica Engebretson, senior program associate with Born Free USA. “As this report demonstrates, nothing could be farther from the truth.”

Link: Idaho State Journal

Another Ringling Bullhook Story References Born Free USA

Published 12/08/09

... Born Free USA has sued Ringling Bros. in federal court hoping for a ruling that the use of bullhooks and the chaining up of Asian elephants, which are endangered, violates the Endangered Species Act. A six-week trial in Washington, D.C., concluded in March but no decision has been issued. ...

PETA targets Mitchell Elementary students to protest circus
Kathy Steele and Sherri Ackerman
The Tampa Tribune

The commonality of exotic pet attacks

Published 11/17/09

... Born Free USA maintains a list on its Web site of attacks and injuries caused by exotic pets when they are let loose or held captive. There are more than 90 incidents listed for this year through September, compared with the same amount for 2007 ...

Survivor of Chimp attack struggles to live life after horrific mauling
Gregory Boyce
St. John the Baptist Parish Progressive Examiner (Louisiana)

Elephants in India to be freed from zoos and circuses

Published 11/17/09

All elephants living in Indian zoos and circuses will be moved to wildlife parks and game sanctuaries where the animals can graze more freely. The decision affects around 140 elephants in 26 zoos and 16 circuses in the country. The order followed complaints from animal rights activists about elephants that are kept in captivity and often chained for long hours.

The chaining of elephants is one of our charges against Ringling Bros. in our Federal trial for the circus's abuse of elephants.

India to move all zoo elephants to wildlife parks
Nirmala George
Associated Press

Birds are not suitable companion animals

Published 11/06/09

What if you went over to your neighbor’s house and noticed that they had a cat sitting in a cage in their living room?

So begins a post from Born Free USA's Senior Program Associate Monica Engebretson that generated dozens of comments in response.

Should Birds be Kept as Pets?
Monica Engebretson
Opposing Views

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