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Let's Make Something Good Happen (VIDEO)

Published 10/27/11

Born Free USA, which uses the collective might of its staff and supporters to combat the concept of people having exotic “pets,” wants the massacre that happened last week in Zanesville, OH, to have some sort of positive impact. See what our chief executive officer, Will Travers, has to say about the tragic incident — and how we can prevent something like it from happening again.

Toronto Bans Shark Fin

Published 10/25/11
By CBC News

Toronto city council has voted to ban the sale of shark fin in the city. The ban, suggested by councillors John Parker, Glenn De Baeremaeker and Kristyn Wong-Tam, will outlaw the possession, sale, trade and distribution of shark fins or their derivative products. The proposal passed easily - by a vote of 38 to 4.

Link: CBC News

Animals Today — Hoffman and Roberts (radio)

Published 10/23/11

On this show we spoke with Frank Hoffman, from the Frank T. and Mary L. Hoffman Foundation. The foundation hosts a very large series of websites concerning religion, animal rights and veganism. Then, Adam Roberts joined us to discuss the massacre of dozens of wild animals on the streets of Zanesville, OH.

Link: Animals Today Radio

Exotic Animal Laws Vary from State to State

Published 10/21/11
By Carmen Cox, Akron (Ohio) News Now

Incidents involving exotic animals kept in private may appear to be an oddity but, according to Born Free USA, a national animal advocacy and wildlife organization, they are not rare. In fact, this week's incident in Ohio could be a cautionary tale for states across the country.

Link: Akron News Now

Exotic Animals Killed in Ohio Puts Spotlight on Michigan Bill

Published 10/21/11
By Mark Brush, Michigan National Public Radio

The tragedy that unfolded for the exotic animals near Zanesville, Ohio on Tuesday night and Wednesday highlighted the lack of regulation in Ohio for a particular type of animal compound. Terry Thompson kept bears, tigers, lions, monkeys, and other animals on his property. He reportedly did not display them to the public for compensation, and was not required to carry a permit from the USDA. And an Ohio state law regulating exotic animals had expired.

Link: Michigan NPR

Central Ohio Lions and Bears on the Run

Published 10/21/11
By Terreece Clark, AboutOhio.com

Central Ohio has made the national news again. It's not for The Ohio State University's football team or even for a campaign stop by a political bigwig. News reporters and residents are scratching their heads over the odd news that there lions, bears, wolves and more running free in the Zanesville area.

Link: AboutOhio.com

Sheriff: Big Cat Bit Owner's Head after Suicide (VIDEO)

Published 10/21/11
By Associated Press/CBS News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio - Amid expressions of horror and revulsion at the killing of dozens of wild animals in Ohio — and photographs of their bloody carcasses — animal rights advocates agreed there was little local authorities could have done to save the dangerous creatures once they began roaming the countryside after their owner released them before taking his own life.

Link: CBS News

Police Kill Dozens of Animals Freed on Ohio Reserve

Published 10/21/11
By Greg Bishop and Timothy Williams, New York Times

ZANESVILLE, Ohio — The woman’s voice sounded a little annoyed. “There’s a bear and a lion out,” she told the 911 operator on Tuesday. “Right up behind us.” Come again? the operator said. “Yeah,” the caller replied. “They’re chasing Terry’s horses.”

Link: New York Times

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