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Kaziranga Remains a Success Story, Despite Rising Poaching

Published 04/12/13
By Hari Kumar, New York Times

One challenge facing any visitor to one of India’s tiger parks is actually seeing a tiger. Often, people leave without ever catching a glimpse. For many years, the same problem existed for visitors who came to see the rhinoceroses at the Kaziranga National Park in the northeastern state of Assam. At the low point a century ago, there were only a dozen rhinos in the entire park.

Link: NYTimes.com

Beaver Kills Man in Belarus

Published 04/11/13

A man on a fishing trip to Lake Shestakov in Belarus spotted a beaver by the side of the road and wanted to take a picture of it. Beavers are so cute, he probably thought. Unfortunately, beaver cuteness is only skin-deep. It pounced on the man when he approached and bit him in the thigh. The bite severed a main artery and the man bled to death.

Link: MSN.com

Deadly Bat Fungus Detected in Alabama Cave Crucial to Rare Species

Published 04/09/13
By Laura Zuckerman, Reuters

A fungus tied to a disease devastating hibernating bats in the United States has been found in an Alabama cave system critical to the survival of endangered gray bats, government scientists said on Monday (April 8). Detection of the fungus that causes the bat disease, white-nose syndrome, in the Fern Cave National Wildlife Refuge in Alabama "could be pretty catastrophic" for the up to 1.6 million protected gray bats that hibernate there, said Paul McKenzie, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service endangered species coordinator.

Link: Yahoo! News

Illinois Bill Aims to Outlaw Lion Meat

Published 04/08/13
By Conan Milner, Epoch Times

In 1916, poet Carl Sandburg memorialized Chicago as “hog butcher to the world.” Now, one Illinois lawmaker wants to stop the city from earning a new reputation as lion butcher to the country. State Rep. Luis Arroyo (D) is behind the proposed legislation — the first in the nation to outlaw lion meat. Under Arroyo’s plan, anyone caught selling or slaughtering African lion (Panthera leo leo) would serve a year in jail and/or pay a $25,000 fine.

Link: TheEpochTimes.com

Born Free Welcomes Rescued Tortoises!

Published 04/08/13

Born Free operates a wildlife rescue center in Ethiopia, at Ensessakotteh. There, we received our first new animals of the year on Feb. 1, when we were asked by our partners at the Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority (EWCA) to collect four leopard tortoises at an agricultural supply depot. Compared with lions (or nearly any other animal) tortoises are normally easy to rescue, but not this time. The tortoises were all huge! Two were the heaviest we have ever received and, quite possibly, would be world record holders. Read about how they've settled in, and what some of our other rescues there are up to these days.

More Critical Scrutiny Needed for U.S. Fur Farming Industry

Published 04/04/13
By Seattle Post-Intelligencer

In reaction to recent reports that the demand for fur in China is causing a revival of fur farms in the United States, Born Free USA wants the public to be aware of the animal welfare and environment consequences.

Link: SeattlePI.com

Bill Would Ban Sale of Live Animals at California Swap Meets

Published 04/03/13
By Marianne Russ, Capital Public Radio

Live animals could no longer be sold at flea markets and swap meets in California under a (Born Free USA-sponsored) bill making its way through the state Legislature. The bill cleared its first hurdle today. In an unusual show of bipartisan support, the Assembly Public Safety Committee approved the legislation unanimously. Democratic Assemblyman Roger Dickinson said the ban is needed to protect animals and consumers.

Link: KPBS.org

Northeast Drilling Boom Threatens Forest Wildlife

Published 04/02/13
By Kevin Begos, Associated Press

Like a once-quiet neighborhood cut up by an expressway and laced with off-ramps, Northeastern forests are changing because of the pipelines crisscrossing them amid the region's gas drilling boom, experts say.

Link: Yahoo! News

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