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The Fur Trade Today - 12/01/05

Published 12/01/05

A trapper from Chisholm, MN, has become ensnared in a court case that could cost him $11,200 in fines and more than three years in jail.

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Undercover Investigation of Pet Shops Launches New API Campaign

Published 11/09/05

Our major new campaign, Little Shops of Sorrows, spotlights the results of API’s first-of-its-kind undercover investigation into the plight of animals in pet shops.

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The Fur Trade Today - 11/01/05

Published 11/01/05

There is a distinct possibility that American Legend may bring its auctions back to its Seattle headquarters next year, after having jumped over the Canadian border for this year’s sales.

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European Union Approves a Temporary Ban on Exotic Bird Imports

Published 10/31/05

On October 25, the European Union veterinary experts approved a one-month EU wide ban on the import of exotic birds after an imported South American parrot died while in British quarantine of the virulent H5N1 strain of bird flu that has killed over 60 people in Asia.

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The Fur Trade Today - 10/03/05

Published 10/03/05

Bill to restrict fur farming in Sweden on the horizon

“We have all along demanded a ban on fur farming based on ethical grounds, as the one in England. But we have also since the beginning of our campaign supplied the politicians and people within the Swedish Animal Welfare Agency with information regarding the latest research results about mink. This has resulted in that there are no fox farms in Sweden since January 2001. And the upcoming demand of swimming water for mink is also a result of this work.

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The Fur Trade Today - 09/01/05

Published 09/01/05

Kelowna, BC: An orange tabby cat named Cassidy had his right leg amputated after being caught in a steel-jaw leghold trap for several days. Dr. Marco Veenis of the Okanagan Veterinary Hospital described Cassidy’s leg as "crushed, the bone was exposed and there were maggots crawling out of the wound. The skin was already dried, like parchment, around the wound, and everything below the jaws of the trap had died off. It was a mess."

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The Fur Trade Today - 08/03/05

Published 08/03/05

The wild-born alpha male of the Francisco Pack of Mexican gray wolves was trapped on Saturday morning in the Gila National Forest of New Mexico and his right front leg was broken as he tried to escape from the steel leghold trap. He underwent initial surgery on Monday and is having his leg amputated today. ...

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The Fur Trade Today - 06/07/05

Published 06/07/05

According to the U.S. Commerce Department, fur trim imports into the USA increased 29% in February. More than half of it came from China.

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