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The Fur Trade Today - 08/03/05

Published 08/03/05

The wild-born alpha male of the Francisco Pack of Mexican gray wolves was trapped on Saturday morning in the Gila National Forest of New Mexico and his right front leg was broken as he tried to escape from the steel leghold trap. He underwent initial surgery on Monday and is having his leg amputated today. ...

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The Fur Trade Today - 06/07/05

Published 06/07/05

According to the U.S. Commerce Department, fur trim imports into the USA increased 29% in February. More than half of it came from China.

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The Fur Trade Today - 04/17/05

Published 04/18/05

After a campaign that began in mid-February, Swedish activists from the group Malmö djurrättsaktivister have convinced the fashion store chain “Solo” to stop selling fur in each of their seven stores. The shop “Spirit” also signed a fur-free policy and promised to never sell fur again after negotiations with the activists.

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The Fur Trade Today - 03/17/05

Published 03/17/05

The pine marten once was common in Wisconsin but the species was considered exterminated by 1925 as a direct result of over trapping and habitat loss. Efforts to reintroduce pine marten in the 1970s and 1980s established populations in the Nicolet and Chequamegon national forests, but there is no evidence that they are expanding, said Jim Woodford, Department of Natural Resources wildlife ecologist..

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The Fur Trade Today - 02/27/05

Published 02/27/05

An incredible amount of cruelty inflicted on animals reared and slaughtered for their fur in China has been revealed by the group Care for the Wild International. Because of their expose, the groups is urging an immediate UK and EU ban on the import of Chinese fur products. Among the cruelty inflicted on the animals was the stunning of animals by repeatedly hitting them on the head or swinging them against the ground, and slaughter methods and many of the animals literally being skinned alive.

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The Fur Trade Today - 02/07/05

Published 02/07/05

The Wednesday before Christmas, Brian Cherry of Victor, MT headed out for a walk with his dogs — “the same walk we’ve been doing for 20 years.” This time, Tio, the 3-year-old Great Pyrenees, didn’t come home. Usually, when Tio wandered off during a walk, he returned home within an hour but this time Tio failed to return. Cherry found Tio’s body four days later.

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The Fur Trade Today - 01/18/05

Published 01/18/05

Sales of furs will climb about 15 percent to a record $2.1 billion this year, according Southwick Associates which surveys retailers for the fur industry’s trade group, the Fur Information Council of America.

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The Fur Trade Today - 01/04/05

Special Report – Companion Animals Caught by Trappers

Published 01/04/05
By Andrea Cimino, HSUS

Incidents of Pets Caught by Cruel Traps in 2004

Traps, be it steel-jawed leghold traps, Conibear traps, or snares, are inherently indiscriminate. Each year throughout North America and around the world, traps set for purposes of “harvesting” pelts for the fur trade or for controlling “nuisance” wildlife injure and kill millions of “non-target” animals — domestic dogs and cats, rabbits, deer, songbirds, raptors, livestock, and even endangered or threatened species. Referred to as “trash” animals, non-target species often are simply thrown away. Injuries from leghold traps are often so severe that the injured limb of a trapped companion animal must be amputated. Conibear traps, however, kill many of their unintended victims. Trappers are rarely prosecuted when a pet is caught by a trap. Trapping is a largely unregulated activity, and where restrictions do apply, they are poorly enforced.

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