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The Fur Trade Today - 04/05/06

Published 04/06/06

Retail companies that have recently announced Fur Free policies:


Red Envelope — www.redenvelope.com

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Study Finds Killing Coyotes Does Nothing More Than ... Kill Coyotes

Published 03/30/06

Humans Spur Worst Extinctions Since Dinosaurs

Published 03/27/06

Drug Tested on Animals Sickens Humans

Published 03/22/06

School Kids Speak Out About Zoo Elephants

Published 03/07/06

The Fur Trade Today - 03/01/06

Published 03/01/06

January, traditionally one of the three biggest months in fur retailing, turned out to be a disappointment for most American retailers, who attributed the poor showing almost entirely to the mild temperatures that prevailed throughout the month. But, while the January figures may adversely affect the results for some retailers whose fiscal year ends Jan. 31 or later, most of those who operate on a calendar-year basis are reporting 2005 was a winner. And January’s softness is not causing much moaning and groaning, considering that the inventory being carried over probably will be worth more than what the retailers paid for it.

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API Launches Groundbreaking Investigation into Private Ownership of Exotic Animals

Published 02/23/06

In response to the critical threats that the private possession of exotic animals pose to animal welfare and public safety, API investigated private homes and federally-licensed roadside zoos and menageries that housed exotic animals across the United States. We have uncovered disturbing new evidence that demonstrates just how critical it is for lawmakers and communities to take up the issue of private exotic animal ownership. Learn more about this groundbreaking investigation.

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Television News Investigates Claims of Circus Animal Abuse

Published 02/13/06

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