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Celebrate National Bird Day

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The Fur Trade Today - 07/01/06

Published 07/11/06

When Will NM Recognize Wildlife as More Than “Furbearers”

“Furbearers” is the word the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish (NMDG&F) uses for the 17 species of wildlife that are legal to trap, as if all of these diverse animals serve only to provide their skins for human use. There is no suggestion in the word “furbearer” of how essential small predators like bobcats, badgers, weasels, foxes, and coyotes are to the health of the biotic communities of which they are a part. ...

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Study shows MN lynx numbers declining rapidly

Published 07/10/06

CCIC’s Statement on the acquisition of Tom’s of Maine by Colgate-Palmolive Co.

Published 07/05/06

April 2006 - On the tails of the recent acquisition of The Body Shop (a UK-headquartered company with a large US distribution and presence) by L’Oreal (a French-based company), the US experienced similar surprise when 84% of Tom’s of Maine was purchased by Colgate-Palmolive. Particular concern has been expressed over the future of Tom’s of Maine’s firm and consistent stance against animal testing.

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Statement by leading animal protection groups worldwide on the acquisition of The Body Shop International by L’Oreal

Published 07/05/06

Animal protection organizations and ethical consumers worldwide have reacted with surprise at the news that L'Oreal will acquire The Body Shop International. Particular concern has been expressed over the future of The Body Shop's firm and consistent stance against animal testing. The groups issuing this statement work together in a global coalition operating those programs such as the Corporate Standard of Compassion (US) and Humane Cosmetics Standard (EU), working closely with leading cosmetics companies worldwide to end animal testing.

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When is enough, enough?

Published 06/22/06

Your next vacation or business trip can help save animals!

Published 06/19/06

Whether you are traveling for work or for pleasure, by booking all of your travel needs through www.api4travel.com, 40% of all commissions (there are no hidden costs or mark-ups passed on to you) will be donated to the Animal Protection Institute to help us further our mission of advocating for the protection of animals from cruelty and exploitation.

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Going, going, gone?

Published 06/14/06

Ringling Bros. battles to keep elephants

Published 06/06/06

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