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The Fur Trade Today - 05/03/06

Published 05/03/06

It’s a battle of trapper tradition vs. animal protection

The fur trade was a major reason why Europeans settled in the land that became Wisconsin. Its economic impact was important for nearly two centuries after French explorer Jean Nicolet arrived on the shores of Green Bay in 1634.

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Ringling violating the endangered species act?

Published 05/02/06

Wouldn’t be a circus without elephants … would it?

Published 04/21/06

Group targets trappers in Maine

Published 04/20/06

Spotty oversight for Californians who own exotic animals

Published 04/17/06

Do “cruelty-free” and “not tested on animals” labels on cosmetics really mean anything?

Published 04/06/06

The Fur Trade Today - 04/05/06

Published 04/06/06

Retail companies that have recently announced Fur Free policies:


Red Envelope — www.redenvelope.com

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Study Finds Killing Coyotes Does Nothing More Than ... Kill Coyotes

Published 03/30/06

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