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API Terminates Amazon.com Link

Published 06/15/07

In light of Amazon.com’s refusal to end the distribution of materials promoting gruesome, and illegal, animal fighting, API has chosen to terminate our relationship with the online company and have since removed the pages from our site. As an animal advocacy organization, we can no longer ethically continue such a partnership.


Young Elephant Dies in Seattle Zoo

Published 06/14/07

Special Investigation: Dangerous Exotic Animals as Pets in Ohio

Published 05/25/07

What's in your pet food

Published 05/23/07

Animals often pay the price when they become exotic pets

Published 05/10/07

I am an Elephant

Published 04/20/07

API’s “What’s Really in Pet Food” report helps guide San Francisco guardians

Published 04/11/07

Newly Updated: API’s “What’s Really in Pet Food” report

Published 04/05/07

The recent recall of Menu pet foods has highlighted many issues with the commercial pet food industry and has left many people confused and frustrated as to what they can do to ensure their animals are eating a healthy diet. API has received hundreds of inquiries from people wanting to know more about what is in commercial pet food and what alternatives to it exist. In response, we have updated our “What’s Really in Pet Food” report with the assistance of Dr. Jean Hofve, a veterinarian specializing in the dietary needs of companion animals.

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