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Ringling Bros. “blue tour” has arrived in Northern California!

Published 08/31/06

“Pet” monkey attacks two people; sends teenage girl to hospital

Published 08/30/06

Sacramento County Bans Pound Seizure

Published 08/09/06

Exotic animal owner responds to complaints filed with the USDA

Published 08/07/06

Even cats love cool dogs!

Published 08/04/06

The Fur Trade Today - 08/01/06

Published 08/01/06

The class-action suit brought by mink ranchers against five New York brokerages gained momentum last week when one of the defendants agreed to cooperate, stoking a fire that has been smoldering since the Justice Dept. launched its bid-rigging probe two years ago, which has already resulted in one indictment. The latest development in the ranchers’ civil case also touched off speculation that the broker’s cooperation — including the furnishing of information regarding dealings between him and other defendants — would add the necessary fuel to enable the Justice Dept. to proceed with its federal criminal case on an even wider basis, possibly with international ramifications.

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The Fur Trade Today - 07/01/06

Published 07/11/06

When Will NM Recognize Wildlife as More Than “Furbearers”

“Furbearers” is the word the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish (NMDG&F) uses for the 17 species of wildlife that are legal to trap, as if all of these diverse animals serve only to provide their skins for human use. There is no suggestion in the word “furbearer” of how essential small predators like bobcats, badgers, weasels, foxes, and coyotes are to the health of the biotic communities of which they are a part. ...

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Study shows MN lynx numbers declining rapidly

Published 07/10/06

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