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Meet Khy – our winner!

Published 07/01/10

Adopt Khy

Khy is the winner of our Adopt a Primate Contest. In honor of his win, he (and his neighboring monkeys) received an extra day's supply of bananas. And you received $10 off Khy's adoption through July! Really, all the primates in the Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary are winners. (But you already knew that!)

A name fit for a handsome hamadryas baboon

Published 06/28/10


Meet Shawshank; the newest member of our Adopt a Primate program. Shawshank is a 16-year-old hamadryas baboon who had the good fortune to be retired from a research facility and now spends his days at the Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary in a large, natural enclosure in the company of other baboons. Adopt him today.

Keep Wildlife in the Wild Week: June 21-25

Published 06/14/10

Born Free USA is excited to announce our second annual Keep Wildlife in the Wild Week! Why a week? Because there are so many animals in need and species in trouble, we decided to give them a whole week! It's all happening here starting June 21. Find out more »

Victory for turtles and frogs

Published 05/20/10

Born Free USA applauds the California Fish and Game Commission for upholding its decision to cease issuing permits for the importation of live turtles and frogs destined for live-food markets.

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Build it and they will shop with compassion

Published 04/18/10

Help us build our "Pet Supply Store Locator," the only place on the web where you can locate compassionate pet supply stores that do not sell any live animals.

All you need to do is visit www.petsupplylocator.com and "suggest a store" in your area that should be added to our list. And tell your friends and family to do the same.

Win Cash Prizes Totalling $1,500 in Our 2nd Annual fffashion Design Competition

Published 01/25/10

Are you an independent fashion designer? Would you like to win a cash prize, boost your fashion career, and help promote the ethical and environmental benefits of foregoing fur fashion?

Born Free USA and E Magazine are looking for independent fashion designers to enter our 2nd Annual fffashion: Fur Free Fashion Design Competition.

The deadline for entries in the 2010 competition is April 1, 2010, just days away! Learn more about the competition, how to enter, and who our winners were in 2009 at www.bornfreeusa.org/fffashion.


Looking Back, Looking Forward

Published 12/23/09

Thank you for all you did in 2009 to protect animals from cruelty, abuse, and exploitation. Without your participation — your actions, your donations, your support — we could not have been nearly as successful. Take pride as you read about this past year’s achievements.

But remember, our work is far from done. While we have great plans for 2010, we still need you to join us in ensuring that next December we can all look back with satisfaction on a string of victories on behalf of the animals.


Name That Tune

Published 10/15/09

Can you match the bird to the call?

Often a bird is heard before he is seen. An important skill for any birder is the ability to identify birds by their unique call. Test your skill with our Bird Call Quiz!

The quiz is one of the new features on our revamped webpage for National Bird Day, celebrated January 5!


Fur Free Fashion Design Contest 2009 Winners Revealed

Published 09/01/09

Born Free USA is proud to announce the winner of fffashion, our inaugural fur-free fashion design competition promoting the ethical and environmental benefits of foregoing fur.

Independent designers were invited to enter their fur-free fashion designs for cash, prizes, and the chance to be featured in a full-page ad in the September/October issue of E Magazine, a co-sponsor of the competition.

Winners can be seen now on the fffashion webpage.

Make Sure You’re Getting the Latest and Greatest

Published 08/25/09

We want to make sure everyone is sharing in the news about the great things going on at Born Free USA! In order to do that, we’re reaching out to our supporters and animal lovers everywhere, including on Facebook and Twitter. If you’re active on either of these, please take minute to follow us (and tell your friends, too!) to make sure you’re getting the latest and greatest from all your friends here at Born Free USA!


Published 08/06/09

If you’re on Twitter, get ready to help us spread the word about our amazing Primate Sanctuary. We are going to “Twitter4Critters” @Born Free USA, #Twitter4Critters.

We'd love to get lots of new followers and lots of re-tweets to help raise money for the 500+ primates we care for at the Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary in Texas. Help spread the word about our Summer Banana-A-Peel! Should be lots of fun and we look forward to Tweeting with you!!

Thanks as always for your incredible support!

The folks (and critters!) at Born Free USA

This Book Is for the Birds!

Published 07/27/09

While traveling in Indonesia six years ago, Senior Program Associate Monica Engebretson aided in the release of a wild-caught parrot — a rainbow lorikeet — who had been chained to a perch for more than a year. He paced back and forth on that tiny perch, occasionally biting at the chain in defiance of its authority, and when he called out in vain to birds flying free over head, it was heartbreaking. He was just one bird out of millions who suffer the same fate as a result of the “pet” bird trade. But “Lucky,” as Monica and her associates called him, deserved to be free. He suffered. And their hearts went out to him.

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Final Day of Will Travers' Report from Geneva – CITES Standing Committee

Published 07/10/09

The excitement and bluster of a wild week for elephants, tigers, rhinos, great apes, and other species now wanes in the final day of the CITES Standing Committee meeting. While the Committee reviews reports from the week, my thoughts start churning in anticipation of the next international wildlife trade event — the 15th Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to CITES in Doha, Qatar next March. There is such an incredible amount of work to do in the next eight months!

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Day Four of Will Travers' Report from Geneva – CITES Standing Committee

Published 07/09/09

It’s a good news / bad news day from the conference centre in Geneva. Which do you want first?

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Day Three of Will Travers' Report from Geneva – CITES Standing Committee

Published 07/08/09

Now it’s heating up.


Yesterday I mentioned the illegal primate trade and the transit routes through Egypt to the Middle East. Since then, noted but controversial filmmaker and conservationist Karl Amman has been thrown out of the meeting while trying to interview the Chinese delegation and CITES Secretary-General on film.

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Day Two of Will Travers' Report from Geneva – CITES Standing Committee

Published 07/07/09

We’ve spent a long day wading through technical administrative matters, but I think we have been winning more than we are losing so far. Every bit of forward progress helps.

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Day One of Will Travers' Report from Geneva – CITES Standing Committee

Published 07/07/09

Well, the first day of Standing Committee to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) has come to an end in Geneva, Switzerland ... imagine a huge room with rows of tables, hundreds of delegates (some would say “government bureaucrats”), headphones, microphones, papers, computers, and the slightly muted buzzing of simultaneous translation into the three working languages of the Convention: English, French, and Spanish.

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Keep Wildlife in the Wild Week

Published 06/01/09

Born Free USA is excited to announce our inaugural Keep Wildlife in the Wild Week June 1 through June 7, 2009. Each day, we’ll highlight a species in peril, an animal in need, or an issue facing wildlife as well as providing educational information, easy-to-complete challenges, important things to do and not to do, and more.

Two of the compassionate corporate partners joining our efforts this week are CHANCEtoGIVE, a cutting edge iPhone application that allows users a convenient new way to make donations to their favorite charities including Born Free USA; and GG2G, an innovative Connecticut-based accessory company that makes bags from recycled materials, including highway billboards.

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The Life in My Years available for a limited time

Published 03/20/09

For a limited time, Born Free USA is delighted to offer you the opportunity to acquire an autographed copy of Born Free star and founder Virginia McKenna’s new memoir, The Life in My Years. We have only a few copies available, so hurry!

Remembering Ken Guerrero

From Animal Issues, Volume 40 Number 1, Spring 2009

Published 03/16/09
By Susan Lock, Board of Directors

Ken Guerrero, who devoted most of his life to making the world a better place for animals, died on February 10, 2009. He was 84.

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Christian the Lion Lived In My Garden

Published 03/13/09

Christian the Lion’s amazing story took place a long time ago. In the early 1970s it was possible, in the UK, to buy a lion from a department store; it was possible to keep that lion in a furniture shop; to exercise him in a church graveyard; to take him to the beach and to have him come to live in my family’s garden in the country.

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We Are There as the Elephants Get Their Day in Court

Published 02/03/09

Ringling Trial Updates Our suit against Ringling for mistreatment of its elephants is finally underway in Washington, DC, before U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan. Our own Nicole G. Paquette, Esq., Senior Vice President and General Counsel for Born Free USA united with API, is a witness at the trial. Visit the trial press page to get the latest on this historical trial now.

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2009 — A reason to hope

Published 12/26/08
By Will Travers, Chief Executive Officer

The last days of 2008. A new year, full of promise, expectation — and uncertainty — looms. What will it hold? Dreams come true or dreams shattered?

Without doubt, the coming months will turbulent. The hopes of half the world seem to rest on the shoulders of President-elect Obama, hope for a new way of doing things, a new sense of humanity and compassion, a kinder and more inclusive world.

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CEO Will Travers Blogs from Geneva

Published 07/16/08

Our CEO Will Travers is in Geneva attending the 57th Standing Committee to CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) as a representative for the animals. Be sure to check his blogs as he gives us the latest developments on changing the rules of the ivory trade:

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Two short films sponsored by Born Free Foundation and Born Free USA

Published 06/25/08

Friday June 18 saw the launch of two important short films, sponsored by Born Free Foundation and Born Free USA, featuring the devastating impact of deforestation on the people and wildlife of Indonesia.

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Do zoos make animals crazy?

Published 06/16/08

You can help us find out. With our Zoo Check form, you can help us track abuses and substandard conditions suffered by animals in zoos, aquariums, circuses, or other places that exhibits animals.

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"Into the Adoption Thing Big Time"

Published 05/20/08

Last month, we told you about a great new book, Gorgeously Green, written by longtime friend to Born Free, Sophie Uliano.

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Gorgeously Green

Published 04/08/08

Gorgeously Green, the new book by Sophie Uliano, longtime friend to Born Free, will hit bookstores April 8, and provides readers with simple steps to make their lives more “green.” After all, green is the new black! With a forward by actor and activist, Julia Roberts, Gorgeously Green is a must-have for any gal making environmentally positive changes in her life. And Ms. Roberts isn’t the only celebrity hip to Sophie’s tips. Oprah will soon welcome Sophie to her talk show. Be sure to check your local listings.

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Our Staff Sounds Off

Published 04/02/08

Be sure to check out our new blog, where members of the Born Free USA team and animal experts talk about issues that make them tick — or just plain tick them off! Whether it’s a topic that infuriates, delights, or challenges, the Born Free USA blog is yet another way for us to connect and share stories about the work that inspires us all. Be sure to sign up to receive RSS feeds straight to your inbox!

No Vacation for Pigs

Published 02/12/08

In 2007, Handle with Care, a global coalition of national and international animal protection organizations (including Born Free USA united with API), conducted an investigation into one of the worst transportation routes pigs travel in North America.

What investigators found will horrify you.

Born Free USA is now on Facebook!

Published 01/14/08

If you're on Facebook, add us! If you're not, here's your excuse to get online and join in. It’s a great way to connect with like-minded people who care about the things you care about, like making sure wild animals stay where they belong ... in the wild.


Statement on Tiger Mauling at San Francisco Zoo

Published 12/27/07

News of the fatal mauling by a tiger at the San Francisco Zoo has made headlines around the world, igniting a much-needed debate about the future of wild animals in captivity.

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Make Your Community Coyote-Friendly

Published 09/26/07

The Animal Protection Institute (API) recently helped the City of San Francisco’s Animal Care and Control with a public education campaign to teach residents how to co-exist with coyotes. Through its progressive and compassionate actions, San Francisco has set a great example for communities around the country.

API can help you make your city coyote-friendly too, and urges you to find out more about the resources available to you to take proactive steps for coyotes in your area.

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Get Interactive for Animals

Published 09/11/07

MySpace users can help us spread the word about important animal issues by adding ban bullhooks, cow hugger, and National Bird Day to their Friends list.

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API Terminates Amazon.com Link

Published 06/15/07

In light of Amazon.com’s refusal to end the distribution of materials promoting gruesome, and illegal, animal fighting, API has chosen to terminate our relationship with the online company and have since removed the pages from our site. As an animal advocacy organization, we can no longer ethically continue such a partnership.


Newly Updated: API’s “What’s Really in Pet Food” report

Published 04/05/07

The recent recall of Menu pet foods has highlighted many issues with the commercial pet food industry and has left many people confused and frustrated as to what they can do to ensure their animals are eating a healthy diet. API has received hundreds of inquiries from people wanting to know more about what is in commercial pet food and what alternatives to it exist. In response, we have updated our “What’s Really in Pet Food” report with the assistance of Dr. Jean Hofve, a veterinarian specializing in the dietary needs of companion animals.

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API Receives 4-Star Rating from Charity Navigator

Published 11/03/06

API is proud to share with our supporters the latest ratings announced by Charity Navigator. API has received the highest rating — four stars — indicating we "exceed industry standards and outperform most charities in our Cause."

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Support API through fashion, accessories, and art!

Published 09/07/06

At API, we’re always looking for nifty ways our supporters can express their affinity with API's goal of fighting abuse and exploitation of animals. We are pleased to announce our latest endeavor, the “Grand Opening” of our Café Press store. Here animal lovers can find one-of-a-kind clothing items and accessories that not only look stylish but support API through a donated percentage of all sales.

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Your next vacation or business trip can help save animals!

Published 06/19/06

Whether you are traveling for work or for pleasure, by booking all of your travel needs through www.api4travel.com, 40% of all commissions (there are no hidden costs or mark-ups passed on to you) will be donated to the Animal Protection Institute to help us further our mission of advocating for the protection of animals from cruelty and exploitation.

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API Receives “Official Honoree” Distinction for 10th Annual Webby Awards

Published 05/05/06

The Webby Awards, the leading international honor for web sites, has recognized www.api4animals.org as an Official Honoree, a distinction that recognizes sites exhibiting remarkable achievement.

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API Launches Groundbreaking Investigation into Private Ownership of Exotic Animals

Published 02/23/06

In response to the critical threats that the private possession of exotic animals pose to animal welfare and public safety, API investigated private homes and federally-licensed roadside zoos and menageries that housed exotic animals across the United States. We have uncovered disturbing new evidence that demonstrates just how critical it is for lawmakers and communities to take up the issue of private exotic animal ownership. Learn more about this groundbreaking investigation.

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Undercover Investigation of Pet Shops Launches New API Campaign

Published 11/09/05

Our major new campaign, Little Shops of Sorrows, spotlights the results of API’s first-of-its-kind undercover investigation into the plight of animals in pet shops.

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European Union Approves a Temporary Ban on Exotic Bird Imports

Published 10/31/05

On October 25, the European Union veterinary experts approved a one-month EU wide ban on the import of exotic birds after an imported South American parrot died while in British quarantine of the virulent H5N1 strain of bird flu that has killed over 60 people in Asia.

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