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Wild Animal Traps Do Not Discriminate. Our Database Lists the Cats, Dogs, Others Who Suffer

Animal News

The California “Elephant Bill”, sponsored by API, continues to spur nationwide debate

Published 05/15/06

Ringling violating the endangered species act?

Published 05/02/06

Wouldn’t be a circus without elephants … would it?

Published 04/21/06

Group targets trappers in Maine

Published 04/20/06

Spotty oversight for Californians who own exotic animals

Published 04/17/06

Do “cruelty-free” and “not tested on animals” labels on cosmetics really mean anything?

Published 04/06/06

Study Finds Killing Coyotes Does Nothing More Than ... Kill Coyotes

Published 03/30/06

Humans Spur Worst Extinctions Since Dinosaurs

Published 03/27/06

Drug Tested on Animals Sickens Humans

Published 03/22/06

School Kids Speak Out About Zoo Elephants

Published 03/07/06

Television News Investigates Claims of Circus Animal Abuse

Published 02/13/06

City of Santa Monica Poisons Palisades Park Squirrels

Published 02/10/06

Investigation Uncovers Greyhounds Used in Bay Area “Blood Sport”

Published 02/08/06

Ringling Hires Lobbyist to Fight Nebraska Bullhook Bill

Published 01/30/06

$40,000 price tag irks Nebraska lawmakers

Lincoln Journal Star
Scott Bauer - The Associated Press

Study Highlights Social and Emotional Similarities Between Elephants and Humans

Published 01/23/06
By Animal Behavior
Source: Discovery News

Data collected from wild elephant herds may shed light on the evolution of human female sociality.

Learn more at Discovery.com

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