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Animal News

Taxpayers fund wildlife eradication at behest of ranchers

Published 05/19/06

The California “Elephant Bill”, sponsored by API, continues to spur nationwide debate

Published 05/15/06

Ringling violating the endangered species act?

Published 05/02/06

Wouldn’t be a circus without elephants … would it?

Published 04/21/06

Group targets trappers in Maine

Published 04/20/06

Spotty oversight for Californians who own exotic animals

Published 04/17/06

Do “cruelty-free” and “not tested on animals” labels on cosmetics really mean anything?

Published 04/06/06

Study Finds Killing Coyotes Does Nothing More Than ... Kill Coyotes

Published 03/30/06

Humans Spur Worst Extinctions Since Dinosaurs

Published 03/27/06

Drug Tested on Animals Sickens Humans

Published 03/22/06

School Kids Speak Out About Zoo Elephants

Published 03/07/06

Television News Investigates Claims of Circus Animal Abuse

Published 02/13/06

City of Santa Monica Poisons Palisades Park Squirrels

Published 02/10/06

Investigation Uncovers Greyhounds Used in Bay Area “Blood Sport”

Published 02/08/06

Ringling Hires Lobbyist to Fight Nebraska Bullhook Bill

Published 01/30/06

$40,000 price tag irks Nebraska lawmakers

Lincoln Journal Star
Scott Bauer - The Associated Press

Study Highlights Social and Emotional Similarities Between Elephants and Humans

Published 01/23/06
By Animal Behavior
Source: Discovery News

Data collected from wild elephant herds may shed light on the evolution of human female sociality.

Learn more at Discovery.com

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