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2013 State Legislation:

Sponsor(s): Rep. Mike Peifer (R-139)

Pennsylvania: H.B. 1534: Coyote Control Incentive Act

Born Free USA Position: OPPOSE

Update: This bill passed the House of Representatives on 12/11/13, and was referred to the Senate Game & Fisheries Committee on 12/13/13.

Bill Description:
This bill would authorize the Pennsylvania Game Commission to reward hunters with $25 for each legally harvested coyote. It caps the funding for these payments at $700,000.

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Sponsor(s): Assm. Linda Rosenthal (D-67), Senator Phil Boyle (R-4)

New York: A. 238/S. 4347: Increasing Penalties for Cruelty to Wildlife

Born Free USA position: Support

Update: Referred to Codes Committee 4/23/13

Bill description: This bill would extend New York’s felony animal cruelty statute to protect wildlife in addition to domestic animals. This important legislation would amend Section 353-a (commonly known as “Buster’s Law”) by increasing the penalty for aggravated cruelty to wildlife, defined as the intentional killing or injuring of wildlife through acts intended to cause harm or performed in a particularly sadistic, depraved manner. The first offense will remain a misdemeanor, but the second offense will become a felony. This bill will not affect regular hunting or agricultural practices.

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Sponsor(s): Sen. Richard Alloway (R-33) and Rep. Gary Haluska (D-73)

Pennsylvania: S.B. 521/H.B. 575: Prohibiting Exotic Pets

Born Free USA position: SUPPORT

Bill description:
Prohibits private ownership of exotic wildlife, including bears, big cats, primates, and other potentially dangerous animals.

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Sponsor(s): Assm. Parker Space (R-24) and Sen. Stephen Sweeney (D-3)

New Jersey: A.3944/S.2665: Concerning The Taking of Beaver

Born Free USA position: OPPOSE

Update: This bill failed to pass the Senate in 2013, and was reintroduced in 2014 as A.2410.

Bill description: Introduced by Assemblymember Space (R-24) and Senator Sweeney (D-3), A.3944 and S.2665 threaten to remove the 200 permit statutory limit for trapping beavers. Without limitations on the number of beaver permits that may be issued by the Division of Fish and Wildlife, New Jersey's beaver population could be decimated.

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Sponsor(s): Rep. Kenneth Fredette (R-25)

Maine: LD 1303 Limits the Ability to Challenge Cruel Practices [2013]

Born Free USA position: OPPOSE

Update: Failed to pass the House 6/13/13.

Description: An amendment to the Maine constitution that would prevent ballot measures on all wildlife issues. Its stated objective is to maintain the personal right to hunt, fish, and “harvest” animals for citizens of Maine, but would also obstruct the democratic process of proposing initiatives to conserve wildlife.

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Sponsor(s): Rep. Andrew Kandrevas (D-13) and Sen. Rick Jones (R-24)

Michigan: H.B. 4300/S.B. 669 Bans The Private Possession of Non-human Primates

Born Free USA position: SUPPORT

Bill Description: HB 4300/SB 669 would make it unlawful to own, breed, or sell non-human primates in the state of Michigan. It makes an exemption for people already in possession of primates, allowing them to keep those individual animals.

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Thank you for your willingness to speak out for animal protection issues! Your voice has the power to help influence elected officials to improve the lives of countless animals. It's time to get involved, if you are not already.

Please be aware that our State Legislative webpages do not necessarily list every animal protection bill pending in the various state legislatures. If you are aware of a bill in your state that concerns wildlife or captive exotic animals that is not listed on our website, please contact legislation@bornfreeusa.org.

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