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New York Legislation

Sponsor(s): Asm. Tom Abinanti (D-92)

A. 9137 Creates Exemption to Snare Prohibition

Born Free USA Position: OPPOSE

Bill Description:
It adds an exemption to the law prohibiting the use of snares:
The Department of Environmental Conservation may, by regulation, authorize the use of snares to trap coyote and other species in the Northern Zone.

Snares are primitive wire nooses that, depending on how they are set, are designed to tighten around an animal's leg (restraining trap) or neck (kill trap). While small victims of neck snares may become unconscious in five to ten minutes from strangulation, larger animals may suffer for days. In one study, researchers recommended neck snares not be used in areas with livestock or deer after snares set for coyotes killed 50% of deer accidentally captured. The Federal Provincial Committee on Humane Trapping concluded after years of study that these snares “do not have the potential to consistently produce a quick death.”

Check out our trapping page for more information on the brutality of snares.

Take Action:
New York residents, call or email your state assemblymember, and ask them to oppose this piece of legislation!

Read the full text and track its progress here.

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