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Minnesota Legislation

Sponsor(s): Sens. Hawj (DFL-St. Paul), Eaton (DFL-Brooklyn Center), and Marty (DFL-Roseville); and Reps. Isaacson (DFL-42B), Allen (DFL-62B), Rosenthal (DFL-49B), Selcer (DFL-48A), Dehn (DFL-59B), and Slocum (DFL-50A)

S.F. 2256/H.F. 2680: Wolf Data Bill

Born Free USA Position: SUPPORT

Bill Description:
It would put the wolf hunt on hold to study the outcomes of the wolf hunt on the wolf population and to implement a wolf management plan. The wolf management plan would include data on wolf deaths, conflict with humans and livestock, and public sentiment toward wolves; as well as the development of best management practices (BMPs) for livestock producers to reduce and prevent wolf depredation.

The bill also calls for an annual wolf population census and the creation of a Wolf Management Plan Review Advisory Council. The bill would also close tribal lands to the hunting and trapping of wolves if tribal leadership requests it.

Minnesota has held its first managed gray wolf hunting and trapping seasons the past two years. Some groups and individuals have protested the hunt and filed lawsuits trying to prevent it. Unfortunately, none of those suits were successful.

Putting the wolf hunt on hold will allow for the implementation of scientifically-sound wolf management practices, and will give conservation groups an opportunity to advocate for ongoing wolf protections.

Read more about the plight of gray wolves here.

Take Action:
Minnesota residents, contact your state senator and representative and ask them to support this important legislation!

Read the full text and follow the progress here for the Senate bill and here for the House bill.

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