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Illinois Legislation

Sponsor(s): Sen. Linda Holmes (D-42)

S.B. 3049: Protecting Gray Wolves, Black Bears, and Cougars [2014]

Born Free USA Position: SUPPORT

Update (August 25, 2014): Victory! Governor Quinn signed this bill into law.

Bill Description:
Adds the Gray wolf, American black bear, and Cougar to the list of protected species. It prohibits killing these animals except in case of imminent threat to people or farm animals. However, an individual who sees one of these animals on their land can secure a threat permit from the Department of Natural Resources to kill the animal.

As already defined under Illinois law, it is unlawful for any person at any time to take, possess, sell, or offer for sale, propagate, or release into the wild any of these protected species. However, bona-fide public or state scientific, educational, or zoological institutions are allowed to receive, hold, and display protected species that were salvaged or legally obtained.

The sponsor herself, Senator Holmes, makes the excellent point that "protecting these animals brings us back to where we were, it's part of who we were and what this country was originally."

Read more about why the endangered gray wolf needs protection here.

Take Action:
Illinois residents, use this form to thank Governor Quinn for signing this bill into law!

Read the full text here.

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