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Eco-Friendly Totes

New York Legislation

Sponsor(s): Sen. Jack Martins (R-7) and Assm. Deborah Glick (D-66)

S.4074/A.3661: Prohibiting Wildlife Killing Contests [2013]

Born Free USA Position: SUPPORT

Update: This bill failed to pass before the session ended.

Bill Description:

This bill prohibits anyone from organizing, conducting, promoting or participating in any contest or competition where the objective is to kill the greatest number of wildlife. If a contest is held illegally and wildlife is injured, they will be given treatment or humane euthanasia.

Penalties: Each violation is a misdemeanor, which is punishable by imprisonment for not more than one year, a fine of $200-500, or both.


Animal killing competitions can generally be described as contests where the person or team who has killed the most animals is crowned the winner. Many of these contests are sponsored by bars and the killing of animals is generally regarded as "good fun" in a party-like atmosphere. They are brutal events that encourage unsportsmanlike slaughter.

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