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Michigan Legislation

Sponsor(s): Rep. Andrew Kandrevas (D-13) and Sen. Rick Jones (R-24)

H.B. 4300/S.B. 669 Bans The Private Possession of Non-human Primates

Born Free USA position: SUPPORT

Bill Description: HB 4300/SB 669 would make it unlawful to own, breed, or sell non-human primates in the state of Michigan. It makes an exemption for people already in possession of primates, allowing them to keep those individual animals.

Background: While Michigan already prohibits the private possession of some dangerous animals, primate possession is currently unregulated. This gap in the law endangers public safety as primates have incredible strength and have been responsible for causing serious human injuries. Representative Kandrevas first introduced a version of this bill in 2009 in response to an incident in his own district in which a child was bitten by a “pet” primate.

What you can do: Michigan residents, use these forms to contact your state representative and state senator and urge them to support HB 4300/SB 669.
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Find the bill’s text here. (PDF)

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