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California Legislation

AB 711 Would Phase Out Lead in Ammunition [2013]

Born Free USA position: SUPPORT

Update (Oct. 11, 2013): This bill was signed into law by the governor.

Bill description: This bill would phase in a requirement that non-lead ammunition be used in hunting statewide in California by July 2016. Lead has been widely known as a toxin for more than 2,000 years. The Centers for Disease Control reports there is no safe level of lead for humans.

While lead has been banned in almost all products, it is still widely used in the hunting industry. Lead left behind in spent ammunition poses a serious threat to birds and other wildlife, including highly endangered species such as the California condor. Lead doesn’t just kill, but delivers a slow, agonizing death — often involving emaciation, paralysis and organ failure.

What you can do: Call or e-mail your legislators and urge them to support Assembly Bill 711.

Read the bill's text here. (PDF)

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