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New York Legislation

Sponsor(s): Assm. Linda Rosenthal (D-67)

A.1658 Fine-Tunes Laws on Killing Wildlife

Born Free USA position: SUPPORT

Description: This bill would require that wildlife be killed in the most painless, quickest and least-stressful way possible for the animal while protecting public safety.

Background: Currently, property owners are authorized to kill wild animals who are not protected species if they encroach on the owner’s property by any means. This allows individuals to euthanize through inhumane methods without recourse. AB 1658 requires that American Veterinary Association guidelines be followed and that property owners kill wildlife in less cruel fashion.

A similar bill, A.8329, was also introduced in 2013 by Assm. Rosenthal.

What you can do: Call or e-mail your representative and ask her or him to support this bill.

Read the bill's text here.

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