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Michigan Legislation

Sponsor(s): Sen. Tom Casperson (R-38)

SB 48 Would Weaken Protections for Bears [2013]

Born Free USA position: OPPOSE

Update: This bill passed and was signed into law by the governor on 3/28/13.

Description: This bill will amend the Large Carnivore Act to allow public contact with bear cubs less than 36 weeks old or under 90 pounds.

Background: Allowing the public to handle bear cubs of any age is a danger to public safety and a detriment to animal welfare. Bear cubs, along with other large carnivores, often are used as cubs in photo opportunities in order to turn a profit. Allowing this practice incentivizes the breeding of more bear cubs, who often end up in roadside zoos, private possession or in the hands of unscrupulous animal dealers when they become too old for photo opportunities.

Read the bill's text here.

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