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South Dakota Legislation

HB 1148 Eases Rules on Checking Traps and Removing Caught Animals

Born Free USA position: OPPOSE

Update (February 2013): Good news! By a 9-4 vote this bill was “deferred to the 41st day,” which means it will not travel further and is now dead.

Bill description: This bill expands the trap check time to three days statewide. Currently the minimum trap check time is two days in most of the state and threee days in one portion of the state.

Background: South Dakota already has earned a D-plus on Born Free USA’s state trapping report card, in part due to failing to at least require a 24-hour or daily trap check time.

What you can do: Call or e-mail your legislators and ask them to oppose HB 1148. Tell them that at least 34 states require a daily trap check time for traps set on land. Animals caught in traps for several days may starve, dehydrate, be attacked by other animals, or mangle their mouths and limbs in futile efforts to free themselves. Trappers also catch non-targeted animals including deer, birds, squirrels, endangered species, cats and dogs; these animals have a much better chance of survival if traps — especially those set on land — are checked at least once every 24 hours.

Read the bill text here.

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