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Wisconsin Legislation

SB 226 Encourages Sport Trapping [2012]

Born Free USA position: OPPOSE (based on its negative impacts for trapping reform) but SUPPORT Amendment 2

Update (August 2012): The bill did not pass this year.

Bill description: Among other provisions, this bill would prohibit the state Department of Natural Resources from awarding a land grant under the stewardship program or acquiring lands unless trapping (and hunting) is allowed. Born Free USA has worked with the office of Sen. Fred Risser (D-26) to introduce Amendment 2, which would prohibit people from setting, placing or operating a body-gripping trap unless the trap is smaller than 36 square inches or unless it is at least half-submerged in water. While we would like to see an end to body-gripping traps, Amendment 2 is a step in the right direction for an otherwise misguided bill.

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