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New York Legislation

AB 76 and SB 1854 Protect Elephants from Abuse (UPDATED)

Born Free USA position: SUPPORT

Update (August 2012): The bill did not pass this year.

Bill description: This bill requires entities that bring elephants into the state as part of a traveling exhibition to file an itinerary of each elephant's stay in the state with the department of agriculture and markets at least days before the elephant arrives in the state; authorizes the imposition of up to a $1,000 civil penalty for failure to file such itinerary.

It also does the following: establishes requirements for the transportation of elephants; requires elephants to be untethered at least hour a day; prohibits use of certain equipment upon elephants; prohibits riding elephants, except in certain cases; makes such violations class E felonies; authorizes agents of the department of agriculture and markets to inspect living conditions of elephants; and makes cruelty to an elephant a class D felony.

Read the full text of AB 76 and follow its progress here.
Read the full text of SB 1854 and follow its progress here.

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