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Missouri Legislation

SB 138 Creates the Captive Non-Human Primate Act

Born Free USA position: SUPPORT

Bill description: Senate Bill 138 bans private possession, custody or control of non-human primates without first procuring a permit, which must be renewed every five years. The bill places specific permit application requirements, including identification information of the following: owner/possessor identification, primate, veterinarian and exact location where primate is kept. The bill also requires all captive primates to be sterilized, and for possessors to display conspicuous signage and to establish escape plans.

Permits could be revoked if the possessor is found guilty of abuse, abandonment or neglect. Possessors who violate these requirements have to pay bond/forfeiture fees to cover costs incurred to care for the primate for 30 days (and posting the bond will not guarantee the primate returns to its original possessor). Possessors who can no longer care for the primates would be allowed to transfer primates to another permit holder, or to a sanctuary.

Read the full text of the bill and follow its progress here.

Note: The text and status of Missouri bills here.

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