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Nebraska Legislation

LB 64 Strengthens Nebraska’s Captive Wildlife Permit Law [2011]

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Update: The Nebraska Legislature did not act on this bill before adjourning on May 26, 2011.

Bill description: Legislative Bill 64 is a strong first step in addressing the multitude of problems associated with wildlife in captivity. The bill proposes amendments to Nebraska’s captive wildlife permit laws by requiring individuals who purchase, possess, breed or sell wild birds, a list of specific wild mammals (including but not limited to big cats, canids, bears, primates and elephants), wild reptiles, nongame and endangered or threatened species, to first obtain an annual permit.

Individuals keeping captive reptiles may not auction them off without a captive wildlife auction permit and may not take reptiles from the wild in Nebraska. Any person already keeping captive wildlife must obtain a permit within 60 days of the bill’s enactment date. Wildlife sanctuaries (specifically defined as nonprofit facilities that provide refuge in species-appropriate and non-commercial settings), zoos, nature centers and research facilities are exempt from these requirements.

LB 64 also requires that all permit holders comply with specific safeguards, including the following: maintaining liability insurance coverage; alerting the public, especially children, as to where a wild animal is kept by posting signs on the premises; and immediately reporting the escape of any captive wild animal.

Note: The text and status of Nebraska bills is available here.

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