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Julie Ward Centre Diary (April 2013)

Published 05/15/13

(By Glen Vena, animal care manager at Shamwari Wildlife Reserve’s Julie Ward Center.)

All our big cats are well and they look great. I think we’ll be seeing more of them with the change of season. Man this summer has been hot, I welcome you, autumn! Already the cats are more active and more visible with the cooler days, and that is great!

Sirius, rehomed from Monaco Zoo in January 2008, is looking very much at home — when we see him. As you all know he is a very private animal. Most mornings when doing my checks and fence patrol I am very lucky to see him most of the time. He does not accompany me though, like the triplets. He will look at me through the bushes and move his tail side to side as if he is stalking me and he would keep his eyes on me the whole time.

This picture is of Sirius trying to run away from me while I was trying to take his picture. I think he is looking very well and handsome, by the way. He doesn’t look his nearly 22 years. It is so good to see how the cats can be transformed when they are here with us.

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