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Here's How ProFauna Protects Animals

Published 04/22/13

ProFauna Bali's work to protect wildlife includes the following:

Wildlife Market Monitoring

Monthly data gathering is conducted to gain a general overview of activity and current trends in wildlife trade at Satria market in central Denpasar. These results are then passed on to wildlife authorities to encourage law enforcement and confiscations and also fed into public awareness campaigns.

Capacity Building for Effective Law Enforcement

One of the main obstacles to effective enforcement of wildlife law is often the insufficiency of wildlife identification skills of otherwise committed personnel. In cooperation with relevant authorities, ProFauna distributes materials and conducts formal and in-field training of enforcement officials in the identification of commonly traded wildlife.

Sea Turtle Trade Investigations

Trade in all species of sea turtles is illegal and the Bali Office maintains this as a key focal area, continuing to investigate and alert law enforcement officials when relevant and keeping a watchful eye on incidences of commercial sea turtle exploitation and their links to illegal trade.

Sea Turtle Protection

After 10 years working on sea turtle protection at a nesting site (also a popular beach), this project has now been turned over to the local community who ensure the safety of eggs and that newly hatched turtles reach the sea. An exciting new project based at a remote olive ridley turtle nesting beach, again in conjunction with the local community, has been initiated.

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