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Bali's Wildlife — ProFauna

Published 04/22/13

Established in East Java in 1994, ProFauna Indonesia is nongovernmental organization dedicated to protecting Indonesia’s wildlife and forests. ProFauna is particularly focussed on improving the law enforcement response to the illegal trade in wildlife and to bringing about improvements in the conservation status and welfare of the country’s many important species.

The Bali office was officially established in 2001 in direct response to the rampant wildlife trade on the island. A landmark 1999 investigation and report by ProFauna revealed the slaughter of an estimated 9,000 sea turtles in four months on Bali, highlighting the scale of the illegal killing and trafficking of sea turtles on the island. This exposé led to recurrent enforcement operations and a consequent steep drop in the trade.

Since then, ProFauna Bali has kept a watchful eye on developments and forged a close relationship with wildlife authorities and been involved in significant wildlife seizures involving marine turtles, birds and ivory. to cite just a few. Born Free has been co-funding the Bali Office in Denpasar alongside Humane Society International Australia since 2006.

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