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Kebri: He’s Outside!

Published 06/12/12

Kebri starts to feel at home.
(Photograph by Born Free Ethiopia)

With young Kebri, we have been on a roller coaster of a ride — and that doesn’t just describe the awful flight we had to endure to get him here. After his arrival on May 31, he went on an either physical or emotionally induced hunger strike. He simply would not eat. Finally, on the Sunday he delicately took some small pieces of meat.

That stimulated his appetite and he began to eat more regularly, but he still remained incredibly nervous. Dolo had only so much as to grunt and poor Kebri would start shaking. Gradually, though, over the following week his confidence returned and he grew more comfortable in his new surroundings.

Yesterday, it was time to let him outside for the first time. His first steps in his new home were wary but soon he was moving around, sniffing the bushes, drinking and playing. It was great to see.

In the afternoon, Dolo came out to see him. Kebri crouched low and backed off (they are separated by a fence). However, there was no real sign of aggression. Fear on Kebri’s part, but that is understandable. Dolo, though was more curious than anything. The day ended with both lying quietly.

That was a relief but, more importantly, was another sign that Kebri is settling in with us, his new family.

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