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Please Help Save Major and General!

Published 10/14/11

For 10 years, a pair of brother lions have been wholly confined to a cage in Ethiopia that's less than half the size of a tennis court. They pace listlessly on dirt as people outside the wire mesh snap pictures. Their coats — which should be glossy — are dull and filthy. They are trapped, they are in pointless captivity, they are miserable.

But they are not without hope.

The plight of Major and the General, as they've been nicknamed because their cage is near an army parade ground, recently was brought to Born Free's attention. The army has asked us to help these neglected animals. Immediately we began planning a rescue. With your assistance, we will make that happen.

What we intend to do is safely transport the brothers to Ensessakotteh - a Wildlife Rescue, Conservation, and Education Centre in Ethiopia, and there provide Major and General with all the space and nourishment they need to recover from their cramped confinement and to thrive. The rescue will require a full health check by Born Free's senior veterinary consultant, the construction of two special travel crates, a 16-hour truck ride to the center, and all the costs associated with preparing the lions' new home.

Ensessakotteh is one of our Global Field Projects. A rescue and rehabilitation center born in 2007 from a partnership between Born Free and the Ethiopian government, the center is designed to accommodate a variety of species, to rehabilitate those who are able to return to the wild, and provide lifelong care for those who are not.

Please help make this rescue possible by making a $10 donation to Born Free USA today. It is time to give Major and General an honorable discharge and peaceful retirement.

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