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Born Free USA Global Field Projects

Jean Byrd Center Diary

Published 08/25/11

Shamwari Wildlife Reserve project images
(Photograph by Born Free Foundation)

(Compiled by Martin Miritiawo of Shamwari Wildlife Reserve’s Jean Byrd Center.)

July was not as cold as June and we received a lot of rain towards the month end, everything looks green and beautiful. Even the rivers are flowing. The rain also means more vegetation for the cats to hide themselves in, if they don’t want to be disturbed.

Jean Byrd, our sponsor, sent her group to visit us on the 12th of July. It was really wonderful to have such lovely people here, who love animals.

Shada is doing extremely well and she seems to be calm and relaxed, enjoying her privacy. We see minimum movements from her during the course of the day; she is more active in the cool of the early morning and evening when she moves around her enclosure labeling her territory by urine spray. No signs of being in oestrus, even though her contraceptive implant can no longer be working.

Headman and I recently cleaned her hospital camp but she did not show an interest in us; she remained sitting by the bottom corner, staring at the other side of the reserve. Just recently she was more vocal when the wild northern pride was roaring close to Excelsior valley. She was curious, pacing and looking towards the valley.

When it comes to her food she loves it and she is taking it very well.

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