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Born Free USA Global Field Projects

Ranchers Can Rest Easier Now in Amboseli

Published 07/06/11

The 10-day project begins.
More lion-proof boma project images

Born Free and the Kenya Wildlife Service travelled to Amboseli in the first week of December 2010 and with the help of the community, launched a massive project that will see approximately 7000 livestock being protected from the predators such as lions, hyenas and cheetahs. The project is now complete, all within 10 days! About 600 community members have benefitted.

Ten different villages located in the human-predator hot spots areas were identified, and the community had already started digging the holes and prepared them for the overall construction of the bomas. This was phase two of the lion-proof boma project that started earlier in the year. There were already seven lion-proof bomas around Amboseli, which had proved to be effective in barring predators from entering into people’s homesteads (kraals).

"When Born Free came here and took the measurements of my manyatta, I was so overwhelmed with joy," said Ole Muenta, a village elder at Risa. "I now know that my livestock will soon be safe and I will be able to sleep peacefully. I am really looking forward to the day when the team will assemble here for us to construct the manyatta together."

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